Windows 12 PRO For PC 2024: Download ISO 64bit!

Download ISO 64bit Beta for Windows 12 PRO PC 2024 We wrote a new port for you. Today you will find information about Microsoft Operating System Latest Version Test 12 Pro. A new evolutionary step to test. Its visual aspect is a complete makeover, innovative with many improvements.

Windows 12 PRO For PC 2024

Windows 12 Pro ISO Download Free

First of all you need to install Windows 11 on your computer and proceed step by step:

Visit the Microsoft website:

Open your web browser and visit the Microsoft website.

View 11 Visit the download page.

Click the “Download Now” button on that page.

As soon as you do this, Windows 11 will start downloading your computer.

Now install the installation file. This is usually the “Downloads” share.

Double click it to start installing Windows 11.

Wait for the Windows 11 install to complete. This may take time, so be patient.

This is a simple, Windows 11 will ask you to do on behalf of your computer.

You need to go to website, where you will have alternative options to download Windows 12:

Create Windows 12 installation file: You download a file windows12iso.exe. With it, you will be able to create an installation USB or DVD in a simple and step-by-step manner. Then, this USB will try to do it with the computer of that number to install 12.

Download Windows 12 Disk Image (ISO): You download an ISO image of Windows 12. Then you can manually mount the USB using the ISO image. You can use it to boot and install Windows 12 on any computer.

Experiment 12 System Control and Adjustment

Processor: 2 or more cores, 1 GHz or higher, and must be a compatible 64-bit processor or system-on-a-chip (SoC).

RAM Memory: You need a minimum of 6GB of RAM memory.

Storage: You’ll need at least 64 GB of free space on the hard drive you’re going to install it on.

System Firmware: You need a computer with UEFI, and compatible with Sur Boot.

TPM: You need support for Trusted Platform Module0 or TPM 2.0. which is required for Windows computer hardware since 2016. We show you how to check if your computer has a TPM chip. Because it is the most difficult requirement to fulfill.

Graphics Card: Your graphics card must support DirectX 12 or later, and WDDM 2.0 drivers.

Screen: You need one that’s at least 9 inches diagonal, 720p HD and 8-bit per color display.

Other: You will be created a Microsoft account, and will need to connect to the Internet for initial setup and option updates.

Features of Windows 12

New Start Menu: The Start menu and shortcuts for your pinned apps are task-centered. You can move it to the left The Start menu changes, and the app shortcut pinned to it is a system shortcut

Android App Support: The big surprise with the Watch 12 is that you can install Android apps through the Amazon Store. They will be integrated into the Microsoft Store, although this is a feature that will not make the launch page and will probably be discussed in the next year.

New and Better App Store: When they launch, Android apps will be part of the new Microsoft Store, an app store that’s been revamped and greatly improved. Microsoft is being very aggressive, and no longer commissions businesses to get developers into their App Store stores. This means that, even in its beta, it has much more and more apps than the Windows 10 Store at the same time.

New Test 12 comes with a new start menu

The Start menu still includes the test search engine. As a result, if you press the check key on your computer, and as you start typing, you can find your match. You can adapt to your needs.

Contract VirtualTip

Experiment 12 improved its virtualpet. You can go to Windows + Tab and navigate through Control + Windows + Left or Right. And You can create new groups and name them as you like, and in the viewer, you can move and rearrange them. You can also manually move apps from one to another.

Use voice typing

Windows 12 has amazing voice typing, where you can do soliloquy by speaking. To launch it, you need to press the Windows + H keys at the same time and its small menu will open with options and an activation button. Just press the button to recognize what you say and type and speak to test. An important thing to remember is that Windows 12 will interpret your tone for punctuation. That way, you don’t have to say periods, commas, or anything else. Just by giving up on your safety, it will keep one or the other . Also, if you use a question or expression, Windows 12 will recognize them and add punctuation.

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