Apple Arcade Pro 2023 5G Reviews, Features, Price!

Apple Arcade Pro 2023 5G is Apple’s new model handset. The device is capable of delivering better graphics and performance than the original Apple Arcade. This new system is suitable for augmented reality and support for multiplayer gaming. With the release of this system, gamers will be able to access a library of games.

Apple Arcade Pro ‍2023 Specs:


Apple’s latest Arcade Pro 2023 iPhone will be available in the market with a 6.2-inch screen and a body that is scratch resistant. The phone has a scratch-resistant glass body, which is an impressive feature for the customers.

Apple Arcade Pro 2022 5G


Today’s phones are like portable computers. These need to be changed often because they are used for a long time. The phone is useless when the battery runs out. There is no point in buying an expensive new phone with a small battery The Apple Arcade Pro has a huge battery that can be charged quickly and lasts a long time.

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Apple has created a future wireless charger that can charge an iPhone in just a few minutes. The new technology is called W, and it is a wireless charging pad that can charge an iPhone with 25 watts of power.

Camera Features:

The camera system can be use with a new app. Which may allow optical zoom in one of the new “Apple Arcade Pro” controllers. 77 mm focal length is most suitable. When it comes to portraits or a small object, it’s not long enough for a wildlife or sporting event. To capture the scene of your subject in certain situations, you will need a camera with significantly more focal length.

Apple Arcade Pro 2022 5G

The new Ultra-Wide camera is much more powerful, and it can take pictures of small things like leaves. It can focus on only 2 centimeters, which is closer than the width of a leaf. The powerful autofocus process considers even the smallest detail of nature to be epic. Capture the glory of blooming flowers or the subtle flicker of butterflies. With its macro steel, the beauty of small things is captured. A new feature, macro video, lets you see flowers and butterflies in slow motion and time lapse. You will not believe your eyes.

Software system:

Apple claims that the Apple Arcade Pro 5G will work with iOS 16, which supports HSPA, EVDO, LTE and 5G cellular networks. It will have a single SIM (ESIM or Nanosim) with (dual standby) capability. Other common operating systems work together to make daily life easier The new iPhone Arcade Pro has a ton of great new features, including cinematic mode, smart HDR4 and a neural engine. The Neural Engine is the world’s most powerful mobile processor, enabling the phone to take on fun features like Cinematic Mode and Smart HDR4.


The Arcade Pro 2023 will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. You can also expand the storage up to 64GB using a microSD card. As a result, you get enough storage space to store a lot of data.

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Apple Arcade Pro 2022 5G

Other features: The future smartphone will have a fingerprint sensor, face unlock, an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, GPS, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi access, stereo speakers.

Apple Arcade Pro 2023 5G Price

Apple has not disclosed the price of Arcade Pro Arcade 2023 5G. Nevertheless, the Apple Arcade Pro can cost around $1,250. The great technology of this phone that influenced the price so much? It has all the features that consumers want.

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