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When will the Tesla phone be released?

There are a few primary reasons why we question whether this phone is responsible for the actual release: Most of the rumors come from early 2024 YouTube videos from adrstudiodesign, but they clearly state that they are designer ideas, not actual leaks or details from Tesla. Most of the rumors we’ve seen seem to be based on that source.

We’ll get to more about these below, but the ideas for this phone are a little too advanced to be realistic right now, like Neuralink support and connectivity to Mars.

It’s reasonable to be skeptical when these ideas are thrown around this early. If one of the far-fetched side effects of brain-connected technologies like NeuraLink, even plans, is to turn phones off entirely, it would be counterintuitive to work on one.

Tesla Pi Phone Price 2022

If those reasons aren’t enough, consider this comment from the CEO of Telcer about the future of smartphones:

Rumors about the price of the Tesla phone

This advanced technology phone will cost more than several thousand dollars Later versions may come down in price.

Assuming the phone is original and will launch relatively early with a few rumored features, it will likely sit at $800-$1,200.

Pre-order information

We envision an announcement many months before the official release and pre-orders could start early. But without a release date for reference, we have no idea when pre-orders for the Tesla phone might start. So refrain from pre-ordering.

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Satellite Internet:

 SpaceX’s space-based internet service, Starlink, has close ties to Tesla (Elon Musk is CEO of both). Even Tesla phones have the potential to help fund Mars colonization, but they need to find a way that not only hides the giant antenna in a satellite phone but also guarantees good service from such a small device.

Solar charging:

Tesla makes solar panels and vehicles, so it’s not a far-fetched idea. It’s unlikely the phone will rely solely on solar, but it could have a Tesla-branded case that enables some degree of solar charging.

Vehicle Control:

There’s already a Tesla app for phones to perform basic car functions: lock/unlock the car, control media playback, and summon the car. If not built-in to the operating system, this app will definitely be pre-installed on the phone for direct access from the lock screen or via external buttons. It’s also possible that the app will offer options unique to Tesla phone owners.


Current phones already use AI and powerful cameras to help capture images of the night sky. Add in SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus to the functionality that will inevitably bleed into this phone, and you’ve got a device capable of taking great photos of astronomical objects.

Crypto Mining:

Musk has been public about cryptocurrency in the past, so it’s not unreasonable to assume he’d like to embed this capability into the phone. While Bitcoin is more popular, and Musk probably prefers the existing Dogecoin, rumors are that Tesla’s phone will mine a new currency called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself tweeted). It requires some serious hardware implementation to work reliably.

Neuralink support:

The idea of ​​a computer interface with the brain is still largely science fiction, and Neuralink is one company working on it. They say they are “designing the first neural implant that allows you to control a computer or mobile device wherever you go.”…with your brain activity, thinking about it. Could Tesla be the first phone capable of such a feat?

A basic iteration can be run on any phone with the Neuralink app, but considering the mask is a Neuralink owner it would make sense to see it here as well.

If this phone is real, and Tesla holds off on a release until the implantable brain-machine interface becomes available, we’ll have to wait a few more years. While it’s true that Musk wants the technology to be tested in humans in 2024, it won’t be available to everyone right away.

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Tesla Phone Specs and Hardware

Speculation is that it is unclear what the inside of this phone might look like. It will have all the standard components, such as 1-2 TB of storage, 16 GB or more of RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen around 6.5 inches.

Tesla Pi Phone Country Price

The latest price of Tesla Pi Phone Price 2025 in USA is $1,200

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Bangladesh BDT. 64,000 Taka

This Tesla Pi Phone PricePrice in Canada 1,591.75 CAD

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Europian 1,198.07 EUR

This Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Australia 1,785.72 AUD

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Malaysia 5,442.60 MYR

This Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in China 8,380.68 CNY

Tesla Pi Phone Price 2023 Price in Thailand 44,168.34 THB

This Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Japan 171,547.80 JPY

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Bharain 248.61 BHD

This Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in India 95,627.64 INR

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Switzerland 1,158.35 CHF

This Tesla Pi Phone Price Price in Nigeria 514,656.00 NGN

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