Unihertz TickTock 2023: Price, Release Date!

Unihertz TickTock 2023: 13MP Dual Camera, 2GB RAM and 5000mAh Battery! Unihertz brand always brings super technology based smartphones. The Unihertz brand is ahead of all others. Unihertz is a reputed company and this company is famous for high quality smartphones. However, Unihertz has announced the launch of a new Unihertz flagship smartphone in early 2023, and the name of this phone is “”Unihertz TickTock ””.

Unihertz TickTock 5G 2022

Unihertz TickTock 5G 2022 Specs:

The Unihertz TickTock 2023 comes with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display. This device comes with 720 x 1600 resolution. The display of this smartphone is capable of providing beautiful pictures and videos in bright and crisp colors. As a result, smartphone users will get great entertainment.

I am informing you about the most important part of storage of this smartphone. It is known that this phone will carry huge storage. The device comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. On the other hand, another advantage for storage is the increase in storage. This phone can expand the storage up to 256GB. The Unihertz TickTock 2023 smartphone compact carries a fantastic hardware system. It gets power from “MediaTek Dimension 700“.


At present a smartphone is not only used as a communication device. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. We all like to get good quality camera phones. In this sense, the Unihertz TickTock 5G is a camera phone good enough. There is a beautiful camera, let’s talk about the camera of this phone. It has a dual 13MP + 2MP rear camera + 5MP front camera. There is a single 5MP lens on the front for taking selfies and making video calls. Also in the camera section, this smartphone has many features including the latest technology.

Unihertz TickTock 5G 2022

A strong battery is always good for a smartphone. In terms of battery, the Unihertz TickTock 2023 powered by Li-Polymer is a large 6000mAh juice box. This phone is not only a big battery, it also has the latest charging technology. As it has sophisticated charging technology, it is able to charge fast. This type of battery is very useful for those who like to browse the internet or play games.

Unihertz TickTock 5G 2022

Unihertz TickTock 2023 Release Date:

The announcement we are making to you is not official at all. There is no official announcement about this flagship smartphone. The information we give you about release and pricing is possible. So, the probable date is that we expect to meet Unihertz TickTock 5G on 22 April, 2023.

Unihertz TickTock 2023 Price

Unihertz TickTock 5G 2023 should start at around $105, which is Rs. 8,999 and in Bangladesh it can cost up to Rs. 10,000. The actual price of this smartphone is not available now. However, we hope that the authorities will announce the actual price and date as soon as possible.

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