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New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot: FINALLY REVEALED For SALE!

“Robots can actually do a lot of things that we’ve shown you,” Musk said. “We didn’t want it to fall on its face. “In a projected video, Tesla Optimus shows off various tasks of everyday life such as carrying packages, watering plants and lifting metal bars.

FINALLY REVEALED! New Female Humanoid Robot

“So here you see Optimus with the degrees of freedom that we expect in Optimus manufacturing unit one, which is the ability to move all the fingers independently, the thumb has two degrees of freedom,” Musk commented. “So it has opposable thumbs and both left and right hands so it’s able to handle tools and do useful things.”

New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot

The goal of the demo and subsequent bot presentation, in which several Tesla employees were given what can only be described as a two-term robotics 101 course, was to show further progress. (After all, anything beyond a man in a costume can be considered progress). Instead, the purpose of the event was to telegraph where Tesla was headed, to boost confidence in its trajectory and (hopefully) recruit the talent needed to further the program.

New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot:

Eventually, Musk said the first-gen prototype, which he referred to as Bumble C, would evolve into the Optimus. This ultimate robot will be able to walk and balance efficiently, carry a 20-pound bag, use tools and have a precision grip for a small robot. The Bumble C prototype is equip with a 2.3 kWh battery pack, which a Tesla employee said is “suitable for nearly a full day of work.”

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Tesla demonstrated a second bot, which didn’t have the same functionality as Bumble C, but had a sleeker exterior. This bot, which cannot walk, was brought to the stage by the staff.

Female super robot Optimus is Musk’s promise to transform civilization into what it is today. The billionaire wants to replace human labor with humanoid robots, based on the artificial intelligence software Tesla uses for its cars.

New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot

Elon Musk REVEALS Tesla Bot (full presentation)

“Our goal is to build a useful humanoid robot as quickly as possible. We design using the same discipline that we use in car design, which is to say, design for production, to make the robot possible. In high volume at low cost with high reliability. ,” the billionaire said

Some specs of the robot have changed since last year. For example, the bot’s weight increased from 125 pounds to 160 pounds.
He added that Optimus should cost less than a car. allowing as many people as possible to own it as the robot would usher in an era of abundance, especially in underprivileged areas and communities.

“Optimus is design to be a very capable robot, but built in very high volume, ultimately millions of units and expect to cost much less than a car. I’d say probably less than $20,000 I guess,” the billionaire said.

Optimus is a work in progress, Tycoon says. The Tesla will work in a variety of uses, including cooking and gardening. And Tesla plans to create a Catgirl, the equivalent of a super-heroine, that will further fuel the imagination.

“Naturally, we’ll have a Catgirl version of the Optimus robot,” the billionaire posted on Twitter during the presentation.

New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot

Elon Musk JUST SHOWED First Female Humanoid Tesla Robot For Sales:

He then added an image of a humanoid robot with what appeared to be female features.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Tesla Bot Roadshow was the repeated references and crossovers with Tesla vehicles – and notably its Autopilot technique.

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The company said it is using its energy products and those components for bots, including battery management. Tesla also houses the supercomputer used in Tesla vehicles. And Tesla is also tapping the hardware and software used in Autopilot, its advanced driver assistance system, for the bot. The Tesla bot is equip with wireless connectivity as well as audio support and hardware-level safety features. Which the company says are “important for the safety of both the robot and the people around the robot.”

New Tesla Female Humaniod Robot

The big question is whether all these skills, once combined into a bot, will make a scalable robot work. Of course, Musk thinks it’s possible, going so far as to imagine that the Optimus will cost only $20,000.

Toward the end of the nearly three-hour program. Which also included presentations of the company’s FSD software. And Dojo supercomputer program, Musk said the Tesla bot would start small.

“We’re going to start Optimist with very simple tests at the factory,” Musk said. “You know, maybe the part you saw in the video is loading.”

Elon Musk said “at this point we just want to do the basic humanoid job well. And our goal is the fastest way to a useful humanoid robot.”

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