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Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Price, Release, Specs!

Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Price, Release, Specs!, Review, News! Elon Musk’s company Tesla is going to bring their first smartphone to the market. Elon Musk means something different. So there are many speculations about the Tesla Model Pi phone. It is known that the Tesla Pi phone has Neuralink facility. Neuralink is a technology that can be use to connect the human brain. Tesla will operate this smartphone through thought. That means the phone will work as you think, you don’t even have to touch it.

This device will be a satellite phone with 5G technology which is one of the surprises. That is, the Internet can be use through satellites in space. Musk’s ongoing project Starlink continues to build on that platform.

Tesla Pi Phone 2022 Price, Release, Specs!

The biggest advantage of a satellite phone is that there is no difference in location for its network. It will remain active even in the most remote places of the world.

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Full specifications of Tesla Pi 5G 2024


The phone may have a fork-level 6.5-inch screen. In terms of performance, the phone will be powere by a Snapdragon 696 processor. This processor will be couple with a 2 TB storage capacitor

It is reported that the phone will have a 106-megapixel camera on the back with 4 lenses. This phone can capture starry night sky without any long exposure. Due to the photochromic coating on the back of the phone, the color will change when exposed to sunlight. Tesla can be charged with solar panels.

Satellite Internet

SpaceX’s space-base Internet service, Starlink, will be use on Tesla phones. There are also rumors that Tesla is using the phone to set up a base on Mars. But to make this a reality, we need to find ways to fit bulky antennas into small devices like satellite phones.

Solar charging

Tesla also makes solar panels for vehicles, so the Tesla Phone has the potential for solar charging. The phone will charge only by solar power but not Inste, there will be a special phone case that can be use using the solar charging feature.

Car control

Already using the Tesla app you can control basic car functions like lock/unlock the car, media playback controls or car calls etc. This app must be pre-install on the Tesla phone.

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Today’s smartphones already have AI and powerful cameras that help brighten the night sky. Given the extra-terrestrial focus of SpaceX, this technology could be a huge improvement on the Tesla Phone.

Crypto mining

Rumor has it that cryptocurrency mining can be done using Tesla phones. Elon Musk is always talking about cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that his own phone has this feature. It is rumore that the Tesla phones will feature a new type of cryptocurrency called MarsCoin.

Neuralink support

While the idea of ​​a computer automatically communicating with another computer through the brain still seems like sci-fi, Neuralink is already working on this technology. Neuralink is working on the first neural implant that can be use to control any computer or mobile device just by thinking through the brain. This phone made by Elon Musk may have built-in technology from his company Neuralink.

Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Release Date

In 2024, the company will deliver a new smartphone. The new Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2022 will be available in the US on 21 December, 2024

Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Price

Elon Musk is the rightful owner of these turns of events. Putting these capabilities into a smartphone would be quite experimental though. Subsequently, the possibility of distribution of Tesla model Pi in this framework is remote.

Although no official announcement has been made, the phone is said to be price between $800 and $1200.

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