Windows 13 Release Date 64Bit 2024: Features & System Requirements!

ThisWindows 13 (Palisade) was the thirteenth major release of Windows. Windows 13 is intend to be a complete overhaul of Windows. This Windows 13 will have an all-new kernel called Quantum Kernel. which will be use as a universal kernel intend to prepare Windows for quantum machines. which allows Windows to run on any device.

This Windows 13 initially receive an overwhelmingly positive reception. Many have praised its fast loading time, stability and various new features.

Windows 13 Release Date 64Bit 2024

In July 2029, Palisade will be unveile at Microsoft’s next event. At this stage, Palisade was in its early stages of development and was mostly use to demonstrate quantum kernels. However, Microsoft has stated that Insider Preview builds will be release in the summer of 2029 Windows 13 will have the longest development cycle in Insider history, with more than 18 Insider builds launch in a 10-month cycle.

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When will Windows 13 be Release?

The Microsoft team plans to launch its thirteenth version on 11 April, 2027 The main goal of the Microsoft team is to introduce an operating system that will be better than its previous versions and work efficiently on any system. The idea of launching version 13 was born a few years ago. Although the twelfth version of Windows is still on its way.

However, there is much debate about the actual launch date of Windows 13. Users must wait for the final confirmation about the launch date from the Microsoft team.

New features and changes

Redesigning it’s UI based on the Fluent II design

A whole new setup experience will be available. which has been redesign from the ground up.

All legacy systems are either refactore due to its all new kernel.

“About Windows” now informs the user about the amount of system RAM.

Many new apps have been added to it, while legacy apps have been revampe.

Many new widgets have been added to make widgets more versatile.

32-bit apps are no longer support. Now most SysWOW64 systems. Moved to 32 and removed some. Until they added 32-bit apps again, while program files were remove until x86 support was re-add. This caused a lot of controversy and outrage, especially from businesses, and support was added back the following week.

File Explorer has been heavily update to be more efficient.

HFD (High-Performance Drive) is a new file system that uses much less drive and allows faster performance on an SSD. It replaces NTFS.

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History and development

The idea of replacing the NT kernel may be around since Windows 12 launches in 2024. Windows 12 showed that the NT kernel was so old and outdated that Windows had only two ways to release updates and versions.

One was to rewrite the NT kernel to modernize and future-proof it. That side became Project QNT, while a group believed that the NT kernel need to be replace with a futureproof kernel that would require rewriting for decades to come. The project was name “Uranium.”

Uranium had much better progress than QNT because Uranium rolled out on a weekly basis, while QNT’s first and only build rolled out about 5 months after Uranium had its first build out. The two projects may merge into Project Palisade as early as 2028 to develop the next major version of Windows.

Some developers at QNT were unhappy with the merger of the two projects and attempted to create a competing operating system known as PhoenixOS. The project receive a poor reception before being quickly shut down after Microsoft sued and won.

Windows 13 Features & System Requirements

CPU     1 GHz or higher with two or more cores on a suitable 64-bit CPU or System on a Chip.

Storage            64 GB or higher free space

RAM    4 Gigabytes (GB)

Graphics Card Compatible with DirectX 12

Screen Required         High-definition (720p) display

Internet           For updating new drivers

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