LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 Price & Release Date, Key Features!

LG Stylo 12 5G 2022Today, most mobile phones comply with high-budget, high-service policies. Most of the mobile phone brands now offer high quality devices at low prices to increase their customer base. One such mobile brand name is LG. A special feature of them is that they try to give maximum benefit to the customer in the least sense.

Today we will talk to you about the upcoming LG Stylo 12 5G phone. This phone is suitable for middle class people. Although the new device is low priced, it has a long lasting battery, huge storage, triple camera with selfie expert, voice command, upgraded security system. Another good thing is that it has the latest global operating system. This latest LG Stylo 12 phone is an upgraded device of all LG series currently on the market.

LG Stylo 12 5G 2022

Are you curious about LG’s latest upcoming smartphone brand? So friends let us know below for all the details of this LG Stylo 12 including the camera, RAM and a battery like specs of this device. Grab the full article!

LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 Full Specs


Many of you may not know that this LG company tries to keep secret about the look of Stylo 12 phone. In general, the device did not reveal any information about the weight, body material, dimensions and color.

Finally this LG company specification of this incredible smartphone Published. You will be shocked to know that it is about to be released with outstanding photography technology. We learned from LG that the latest is now working on the LG Stylo 12 line. Now we are going to reveal some interesting details about LG Stylo 12 5G 2022. Which can be proud of a stunning look and impressive power. Here are some important features to be described.

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LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 Specs is a large 7.1 inch Super AMOLED capacitive, 16M color display, 4K resolution touch screen. This phone is made of glass. Also, Corning Gorilla Glass 7 on the front and back. This protection will protect your phone from dust and water.


A good power of a phone is its life. This device is suitable for those who travel long distances or travel for a long time. With that in mind, the Stylo 12 is a Li-Polymer 6700 mAh non-removable fast charging battery. With this powerful battery you can keep your device running for a long time.

LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 camera feature

We currently capture images and videos for entertainment or business purposes. A good quality camera makes your photo mind much more beautiful. You can present your live with a picture or video. So for today’s people it is really a necessary feature.

LG let’s pay attention to this camera part. The new LG Stylo 12 smartphone features a very high-quality Triple 108 MP + 34 MP + 18 MP back camera. On the other hand, the 64MP selfie camera combines nice flash light.

Operating system

As an operating system it runs an excellent Android 12.0 latest phone LG Stylo 12 5G 2022. There are also all network technologies, including 5G, for improved network systems. There are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and many other important operating systems.


This LG device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G powerful processor. Also, it comes with 12GB / 16GB RAM and 256GB / 512GB ROM version. The LG Stylo 12 Pro has the added benefit of better storage capacity for up to 512 via a microSD card.

Security measures

The security of your assistant is much more important than the security of your information. The LG Stylo 12 has carefully added a fingerprint scanner and Face ID 3D lock system to protect the phone from other people. With this phone your information can be kept safe.

LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 Price

Waiting to know the price of the upcoming Stylo 12 Pro? Dear LG lovers, after the announcement of the company, the release date, price, specifications, features and almost all the information will be shown here. However, below we have highlighted the expected cost.

LG Stylo 12 price in USA         $1090 USA Dollar

Stylo 12 price in Australia       1,501 Australian Dollar

Stylo 12 price in Canada         1,378 Canadian Dollar

LG Stylo 12 price in UK           804 Pound sterling

Stylo 12 price German            940 Germany euro Euro

LG Stylo 12 release date

LG always selects a special day and launches their product. This time too they have tried to choose such a date. On a special day in 2022, this phone could be the target of the LG Stylo 12 5G 2022 release date.

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