2023 Windows 11 ISO Free Upgrade: on Your PC?

Check out the current version 11 However, the exam is expect by the end of 12th Be that as it may, there are many versions of Test 11. And the version has a unique feature that helps the operating system better meet the needs of its various customers. However, many laptops only ship one version.

Reasons to upgrade to Pro version:

Windows 11 Pro has many features that are not available in Home edition. The Pro version’s capabilities are well suited for professionals’ PCs. which is conduct in the field of business.

Helps protect PC data from external threats. This is one of the pro-only features. If you are concern about your PC’s data privacy and security, BitLocker ensures encryption that only your data has access to.


It also supports virtualization using Hyper-V. That is, using a virtual machine, you can test some malicious applications without compromising your host PC.

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One of the more unique capabilities of Azure Active Directory Pro. You can enjoy the fact that Windows 11 Pro can be installe immediately with a local account. Even if Windows 11 Home somewhat intelligently allows it.

Support for remote desktop is another unique feature. It allows you to connect and manage your PC remotely from any location, for example, quite helpful for PCs you leave at work.

2023 Windows 11 ISO Free Upgrade Free Edition:

To identify the version you are using and your activation status:

Select Start > Settings > System > Activation.

Your version is shown at the top of the Home or Pro activation page Under Activation Status, you can also check whether it has been activate.

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Steps to 2023 Windows 11 ISO Free Upgrade:

If you are determin to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro, the following steps should be taken:

Select Activation in the Settings app.

To see your options, click “Upgrade your version of Windows”. Click Open Store to purchase an upgrade to Windows 11 Pro.

You can choose to upgrade in terms of features in Windows Home and Pro editions.

To buy a new license, click Buy. The update to Windows 11 Home should cost $99 to purchase

If you haven’t done so, you must enter your password and billing information

After installing the upgrade, you must restart your PC for the new features to work. If you have a Windows 11 Pro product key, click Change next to change the product key.

You will be prompt to run the program before entering the Windows 11 Pro product key.

After verifying the key you must restart your computer to make the Pro features available.

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