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Tesla New Model Concept 2024 Official Price, Release, Features!

Soon, you are going to find Tesla smartphones in the market. Although many media workers are saying that it may be to release this new device. Many of us already know that Tesla is going to be a very exciting and high-profile smartphone. Below we will talk a lot about Tesla New Model Concept. Tesla You will be really surprised to see the features of this smartphone. Rumors of a long-awaited launch of the Tesla phone, dubbed the Model Pi, have been circulating for months.

Although the Tesla smartphone company has not yet confirmed this phone, we will inform you based on various reports on the Internet. This is Tesla’s first “different” product, the first to be discovered by Tesla.

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They have created many products, including cyber-trucks, electric vehicles for children, and a Tesla umbrella. It also makes other interesting products like stainless steel whistle.

Elon Musk to Launch Tesla Smartphone

Specific sources have revealed new features and details that confirm that 2024 may actually see the Tesla Pie smartphone that will work on Mars using Starlink.

The new Tesla smartphone will have a 108MP main camera, a 6.5-inch 4K-level screen, a Snapdragon 898 processor and 2TB of storage. We also learned that the expected price of this Tesla smartphone could be between $1200.

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Tesla New Model Concept 2024 Features

Our dear smartphone friends, we would like to inform you that Tesla Phone Company has not yet released any information about the exact technical features of the gadget such as processor, screen size, RAM and battery capacity. As a result, I am not able to give you complete information about this different device. However, we learned that the Tesla Model Pi SpaceX will have the ability to download Star-Link Internet up to a maximum of 210Mbps. Moreover, it will be possible to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency directly from the smartphone on this device.

Tesla New Model Concept 2024

My dear friends, do you know what Star-Link is? This is a new system that allows you to download something very quickly. We have learned from Tesla that this mobile will have 150MBPS-200MBPS download capacity. Did you know that the release of this new device could ruin the market for other smartphones? Another interesting thing is that the device will be able to do what people think. This means that if you think you want to access YouTube while using the device. This device, like instant magic, will start working faster by analyzing your mind. So you understand that you don’t have to touch any kind of mobile here. The device will work automatically.

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