Microsoft Windows 12 Launch Coming: What We Khonw So Far!

Today we are going to talk about the Windows 12 operating system update. We found out in some online news that Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 12 in the fall of 2024. A wider rollout of this OS in 2025 when the update is complete. Today we are detailing the release date, price, requirements, how to download, its features, what new features, and more details of this new update.

Microsoft Windows 12 Launch Coming

Windows 12 OS is experimenting with several new design ideas internally, including a new desktop experience with a ‘floating’ taskbar. Microsoft wants to create a floating effect for the taskbar by separating it from the desktop and rounding the edges, making the design look nicer.

Windows 12 Release:

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of the Windows 12 system. But we know from the news portal that it is coming soon. At least, that seems to be the company’s current plan. Microsoft is sticking with this new engineering process. The new OS we may get is Windows 13 in 2027 or later.

2024 New Windows 12:

At the Build 2023 developer conference, the Microsoft company announced some exciting updates for Windows 11. Such as Windows Copilot and AI integration in desktop operating systems. Microsoft also dropped a hint that it was working on a “next-generation Windows.” Microsoft seems to be planning to launch a new iteration of

Windows – possibly Windows 12.

As far as we can tell from the video Sue, there is a reference to a session titled “Next Generation of Windows”. This session is not discussed, but the clear reference to “Next Generation of Windows” suggests that this could be an indication of the next generation of Windows 12. Microsoft indirectly ‘ Next noted Valley Prototype Design’. It could be a different-looking desktop presentation of Windows 12 with a unique feature, a floating taskbar.

New 2024 Windows 12 Requirements:

The new Windows 12 ISO is now officially the next version of the Microsoft company’s OS. Although this presentation of the operating system is loaded with interesting new designs for the future of Windows, the other side of the coin is quite confusing for users. Microsoft has published Windows 12 minimum requirements on its official website, which we will discuss now.

Windows 12 talks about installing minimum hardware specifications. The drive must be powerful enough to handle the new Windows. Let us see what are the requirements to run the latest updated OS.

Windows 12 ISO 64-bit Requirements

• 64 GB storage
• 1 GHz processor with two or more cores
DirectX 12 compatible graphics card
• UEFI and Secure Boot
• TPM 2.0
It is very likely that you can update. But, it’s also possible that the tool doesn’t tell you.

Last words:

According to sources, this is a design upgrade that is considered by a part of the team working on the next generation of Windows. Evidence supporting this new design can be found in preview builds of Windows 11. Preview builds have an option to disable the system tray clock and date, which aligns with our report.
Speculation is that Windows 12 – or whatever the final name is – could debut in 2024. Microsoft is optimizing Windows 12 for ARM processors, and we’ve also seen references to “deeply integrated AI features,” which aren’t Smart Snap UI and Windows Copilot.

This article was originally publish on June 12 and has been republish today with new information. Stay with us to get more update news of this article. When Windows 12 is officially release, you can download it from the Microsoft website.

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