Apple iPhone iFold 5G 2024 Official Price, Review, Release, Rumor!

Foldable iPhone launching ‘in 2024 at the earliest’! Today, Apple has made many technological improvements compared to previous smartphone models. However, this company is yet to launch a foldable smartphone. However, Samsung is currently dominant in making foldable smartphones. Apple fans eagerly awaiting the company’s entry into the impressive foldable iPhone market will have to wait a little longer.

Foldable iPhone launching ‘in 2024

The company is working on a prototype of this new phone, which is evident from the fact that Samsung has provided a foldable display sample to Apple for testing. The Cupertino-based giant is also rumored to be working with LG Display for the same.

Apple iPhone iFold 5G 2023

Based on previous reports, Apple’s foldable iPhone will come with an 8-inch flexible OLED display. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the company had started working on this new device but so far the work has been limit to displays only.

Although Apple is a few years away from commercially launching its first foldable smartphone, its rival Samsung is already dominating the market with a variety of models that have built a strong foothold.

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Before Make Many foldable smartphones

Huawei even has a few foldable smartphones on the market, with a new Huawei P50 Pocket set to go official on December 23. Another Chinese brand Xiaomi has already launch the Mi Mix Fold while OPPO is set to launch its Find N on December 15.

In classic Apple style, the company is waiting for the right moment to hit the foldable market as it has done in the past with various product categories, from smartwatches to 5G phones. But there was hope that the first foldable iPhone was at least reasonably imminent: last year we covered reports that Apple had such a device in a prototype stage and had even ordered a large number of foldable screens.

How much is the foldable iPhone?

Keep up with the latest rumours. This is all for the long-term future, and those interested in buying an iPhone before 2024 should check out the lowest prices in our roundup of the best iPhone deals.

On the plus side, it could be argued that no one needs a foldable iPhone and perhaps Apple is advise to focus its energies on other areas of its mobile business.

Foldable iPhone launching ‘in 2023

Will Apple make a foldable iPhone? In a word, yes.

Over the past few years, smartphone OEMs have been doing their best to make the slabs exciting again. While we usually get better cameras and better-performing phones every year, the cycle has become an expected display rather than a surprise. For this reason, Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola continue to make folding phones despite their unaffordable price tags. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, Apple could join the fray within two years.

Based on the latest investor note, Apple could sell around 15-20 million folding iPhones in 2024, noting that competing in the ‘folding’ market will make the company competitive again. As of writing, all we know is that the foldable iPhone will use an 8-inch OLED from Samsung.

To be honest, Kuo’s statements are a bit vague about what kind of device the upcoming folding iPhone will be, but he’s not entirely wrong about ‘Apple’s ecosystem’ being the main reason Apple is Apple today.

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