2023 Windows 12 Iso File Release Date: Features, IOS Download!

Hello, friends welcome to the new Windows 12. Windows 12 is the next version of the OS which is likely to be release in 2024 with new features. Microsoft Office has not officially released any information about the next major upgrade of Windows. But some web sites have revealed that Windows 12 is coming soon as the next version. Below we are going to discuss some information about it, including release date, features, requirements, price, new updates, new AI, new visual changes, new ReFS file system support, and some other important features.

2023 Windows 12 Iso File Release Date


Now we want to talk about some details that operating system users need to know. Everything you need to know about Windows 12.

  • New system including secession.
  • New silicon-optimized system to improve AI.
  • New AI text in image recognition.
  • New AI content analysis with contextual prompts.
  • New visual desktop visual changes with floating taskbar and new top bar.
  • New ReFS file system support for boot drives.
  • Windows 12 release date is expected in October 2024.
  • Higher hardware requirements.

What’s new in Windows 12?

Windows 12 is set to introduce several new features, improvements, updates to existing features, and various visual changes. The company will focus on adding more AI features and faster updates.

New state separation system:

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft will split the Windows OS into different modules with a project known as “CorePC”. This new approach to Windows will create different versions of Windows 12 depending on the needs of the PC. Because not every form factor can provide the same features and capabilities, such as legacy support for Win32 programs.

Introducing another concept of “core PC” state separation, the app will partition the entire system into several “readable partitions” that are not accessible by users or third-party apps. On the other hand, Windows has historically used one partition for the entire installation (not counting the boot and recovery partitions) to keep system files in one place.

Some news reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a variant of the operating system that only runs Microsoft Edge, Office, web, and Android apps, and is somewhat inferior to the current SE variant of Windows 11.

New AI features & Windows 12 Download 64Bit 2023:

Windows 12 AI will also focus on new features, and Microsoft is already working on optimizing AI for the next version of the OS.

Some of the new AI features, as far as we know, include scanning content on the screen. Also, there may be “relevant prompts to jumpstart projects or apps”. The system has features to detect objects and text in images to extract content through simple copy-and-paste actions.

As we discussed earlier, Windows 12 downloads will have to wait in the future. But, Windows 12 ISO file will be available soon. You will not find any website to download Windows 12 because it is released by the company, it is the future plan. You can download it from the Microsoft website when it is officially released. As with Windows versions, Microsoft will likely host an upgrade utility and official ISO on their website.

New visual changes:

Microsoft has not released any exact information about the visual changes that will roll out with the Windows 12 operating system. However, the company has revealed some details about a new design concept for the desktop that could offer a new floating taskbar with rounded corners and a new top bar interface with weather, time, and notifications. Information that can bring the desktop to a similar design to that found in macOS and Linux distros.

New ReFS file system support:

ReFS is a technology to meet storage needs and overcome the limitations of NTFS. Resilient File System (ReFS) is supported for Windows 11 and earlier, but the file system is only for secondary drives in the OS desktop version. Perhaps there will be ReFS support for Windows 12 boot drives. So, you can install operating systems on a ReFS partition, excluding New Technology File System (NTFS).

Will Windows 12 be a free upgrade?

If you are wondering if Windows 12 will be a free upgrade the short answer is yes. Windows 12 is expect to be available as a free upgrade for devices already running Windows 11 or Windows 10. Previous updates were free, we can expect the next OS to be free.

The company will likely offer ISO files, media creation tools, and installation assistant tools available to install the new version. If you have a device that’s never had Windows installed, you’ll need to buy a Windows 12 product key, which will likely cost Windows 11 activation — $140 for the “Home” version and $200 for the “Pro” version. Windows can be use.

Windows 12 Key Hardware Requirements:

Will Windows 12 increase hardware requirements? Here our answer is yes. Windows 12 may increase the hardware requirements only the memory requirements will change from 4GB to 8GB. Like its predecessor, the new version will require a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip and Secure Boot. On the other hand, devices that include the Pluto security chip feature will be an optional requirement. If you already have a PC running Windows 11, it will likely support an upgrade to Windows 12.

When will Windows 12 be release?

Microsoft has not made any official announcement about the release of the Windows 12 operating system. But we expect one to be release in 2024. That’s because the company schedules releases for new versions every three years. As we know Windows 11 was originally available in October 2021, now Windows 12 may be release in October 2024 as well.

Dear customers, if you have a device running Windows 10, you should not wait until Windows 12 is release. You should upgrade to Windows 11 and then wait for at least four cumulative update releases before upgrading to Windows 12.

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