Windows 12.1 Download ISO Free File Setup: Google Drive Link!

New Windows 12 ISO Microsoft 64Bit PRO Free Download. Install Windows 12.1 Upgrade 2024, Disk Image File, ISO File. October Update Windows 12 Microsoft’s Windows 12 Download is the most popular modern operating system. Windows 12 iso download October 5, personalized OS, is usable on all types of devices, from smart phones and tablets to personal computers. Check the official update here: Check out the full details of the new operating system below.

Windows 12.1 Download ISO Free File Setup

Windows 12 ISO 64 bit is available in all versions free to download and install online.

As far as we know, Windows 12 OS will be announce for sale in October. NVIDIA is preliminarily supporting various operating systems with certified WHQL drivers, but version 472.12 WHQL has come to fully support NVIDIA graphics cards under the new system. Microsoft Operating. With new graphics drivers, green GPUs gain full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and Direct Storage, plus, if you have a monitor compatible with G-SYNC HDR, you can enhance your SDR games with the Microsoft AutoHDR artificial intelligence algorithm. Games are recorded and broadcast in real time using NVIDIA Broadcast, which benefits from changes in the new OS.

Download Windows 12 Microsoft ISO 64/32 Bit

  • Microsoft often releases Windows 12 64-bit ISO files to Insiders. This registration can help you get official Windows 12 ISO for PC or laptop. When the builds are stable enough that we can get them soon. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Visit the Windows Insider download page and sign in with a Microsoft account registered with the Insider program.
  • By selecting the desired OS build you’ll probably want to head over to the developer channel, as this is where the Windows 12 operating system should come first. So far, only Windows 10 builds are available. Click Confirm.
  • Select language, not all languages available for Windows are compatible with the Insider program. Now click on the download button and the ISO file will start downloading.
  • Windows 12 Microsoft ISO 64/32 Bit Download This is an easy method, but unfortunately, it is not available yet. We will update this article when the Windows Insider ISO is available.

Installing Windows 12 ISO:

Installing Windows 12 OS itself is a very simple process. After creating the installation media you can run the installation file on the flash drive and then go through the installation process. When the installation process is complete, you will start Windows 12. All data will be deleted during Windows installation. Check whether the data stored on the PC is necessary or not and remove the necessary data. Now see Windows 12 install process.

Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery.

Under Advanced Commissioning, click Restart.

In the menu that appears, click Select a device, then click your USB drive.

From here, you will be taken to the installation environment. Select your language and keyboard settings, then click Install Now and accept the license terms

On the next screen, you need to select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

You will see a list of disks and partitions on your PC.

You can format them or delete them and create a new partition in unspecified space. Either way, you will lose your data. In this case, we deleted the partitions and created a new one. Windows automatically creates some additional partitions that are needed to function.

Click Next and the installation will begin.

When the installation is complete, you will be taken out of the box (OOBE). You see this when you first set up a new PC or after a factory reset.

Windows 12 ISO Google Drive:

Windows 12 operating system What about Google Drive? ThisWindows 12 ISO is the beginning of a great visual rejuvenation of Windows. So far, thanks to using the beta version of the Insider program, we have been able to confirm several visual and functional changes. Follow more policy of Update Windows 12 below.

Windows 12 64-bit system Required configuration:

Installing Windows requires some configuration on each device. Like every Windows system, Microsoft also specifies the system requirements to run its system. Microsoft hinted at system optimizations during the presentation conference. Take a look at what’s currently require for Windows 12.

  • Processor: 1 GHz with 2 or faster cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard disk space: 64 GB
  • Display: 9 inches with minimum 720p resolution
  • Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 12 WDDM 2.x driver
  • Bios: UEFI with Secure Boot
  • Connectivity: Required for Windows 12 Home Wheeling

You can use PC Health Check software to check the compatibility of your system and its hardware configuration with Windows 12. Unofficial software lets you more precisely check what gets stuck when a computer isn’t compatible.

Windows 12 64-bit TPM 2.0 Limitations:

One of the essential requirements for installing Windows 12 is the presence of a TPM 2.0 chip (Trusted Platform Module). It is used to protect the PC data in the system. But internet users have already found solutions to overcome this limitation. Replaces a file in the ISO image to install the system on a device.

Windows 12 Download Builds:

  • Build 22000.51 (dev channel): The first build will be release for testing soon. This now allows the system to be test with the French translation. It includes new features and features present during the conference.
  • Build 22000.65 (Dev Channel): This second build is notable among several changes for adding a search field to the Start menu. Taskbar now display on multiple monitors, battery status notification dialog, all changes and fixes list on the Windows Blog.
  • Build 22000.71 (Dev Channel): The 3rd build was release on July 15, 2021. Its changes were the addition of widgets, minimized window previews in the taskbar that fit. In new interface design. Coordination of relevant menus was also on the agenda.
  • Build 22000.100 (Dev + Beta Channel): The new build was release in the Beta channel on July 23, 2021 in the Dev channel. It includes Windows 12 visuals for the hidden icon menu, faster access to the focus assistant from the notification menu, improve store browsing and improve enhancements.
  • Build 22000.120 (Dev + Beta Channel): A new widget is introduce in this. Some users may also have a notification badge on the chat icon, and dev-only channel testers will be able to see changes to the Microsoft Store, including automatic scrolling to apps, movies, and other store items.

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