Windows 12 Price 2024: New Features, Changes, Release! (SO FAR)

In the meantime, we know a rumor that Microsoft is discussing Windows 12. With Microsoft’s ‘Build’ developer conference taking place on May 23, we can get a glimpse of the next-generation OS. Windows 12 is likely to be Microsoft’s follow-up to Windows 11 – which we’ll see very soon. Windows 12 OS may arrive in 2024, and several websites like TechRadar have report the possibility that Windows 12 may follow soon after Windows 11.
OS 12 will see a big evolution compare to what Windows 11 brought. So, what improvements and new features might Windows 12 have? Users are peppering Microsoft with feature requests. Here’s what we’ve found so far about Windows’ next big update, along with five features we’d like to see come to Windows 12.

Windows 12 Price 2024

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Windows 12: Cut to the Chase:

What is it? Windows 12 is the rumore successor to Windows 11:
When will it come out? Probably 2024 base on a three-year schedule:
How much money does it cost? As of now Windows 11 should be free:

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Windows 12 Release Date:

There is a lot of speculation about when the new Windows 12 will be release. It is true that Microsoft company has not made an official announcement about this operating system. Going by past releases, we’d expect Windows 12 to arrive in late 2024, just as support for Windows 10 ends.

Windows 12-supported devices:

Microsoft announced some device requirements for Windows 11. The main requirement for machines back then was a hardware feature called TPM enabled, which is a security feature found on most motherboards. Check out what a PC might need for Windows 12. However, the same requirement will probably be requested again by Microsoft. It may be at a point where almost every PC has TPM enabled.

Other than that, it will likely have similar requirements to Windows 11:

64-bit processor
1Ghz clock speed
4GB of RAM
64GB drive
UEFI, Secure Boot enabled
TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module)
A display larger than 9-inches with HD resolution (1366×768).
DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2. x
Internet connection.

What do we want to see?

While we have yet to see what Windows 12 OS will look like, or whether the rumore upgrade will become a reality, we have a good idea of what we want from it, with the following features at the top of our list. Below are

some of the features of the new expected operating system:

1. Merge Skype and Teams into MSN Messenger 12

Video calling and messaging apps were supported. This update brings some new features to both Skype. Let’s mark a new beginning for Windows 12, with the return of MSN Messenger, these two apps have done the job. Winks and the return of classic sounds, but also eager for powerful features to go toe-to-toe with Zoom, Google Meets and FaceTime.

Perhaps there is integration with Slack. So if a video meeting is needed, it can prompt on a channel and with a button, MSN Messenger will launch with the required invitees. Microsoft needs to reboot how it perceives itself for messaging apps, and the return of MSN Messenger could be a great start to that.

2. Live Wallpaper

Similar animations on iPhone and Android phones have been employed in third-party apps for PC and Mac, such as Wellpaper. In order to do something similar in Windows 12, Microsoft could intensify its efforts in themes. Something that has seen improvements in Windows 11. In Windows 12 we hear some such rumours.
Having a dedicated section for wallpapers, where the desktop works with static byte information and an animated live wallpaper. Microsoft may also bring back previous wallpapers, such as Windows XP’s mountain landscape, but animated, as well as some clouds displaying battery status or the weather.

3. Dedicated podcast app

While the return of Windows Media Player from Microsoft is great, having extra features like podcasts for the media player seems irrelevant. Microsoft doesn’t offer a dedicated podcast app. Windows 12 should include a dedicated podcast app that can also be used on other platforms like iOS and Android.
Podcasts are popular these days. It’s great for Windows users to manage them in a first-party app, something that could help fuel the company’s efforts to make content available on nearly every device.

4. Dedicated streaming app

Windows 12 could have a big opportunity, benefiting from having an app that can manage your streams and peripherals. For those who stream through Windows, there’s a big opportunity here.

5. Companion App for Android

As we learn more, it could be an extension of Your Phone, Microsoft’s attempt to sync your mobile with Windows. This will be similar to Samsung DeX, which can turn your Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Ultra into a desktop once it’s connected to a peripheral. It’s a tempting thought though.

Windows 12 Beta Version Download Link:

Looking for Windows 12 version, so you must know the system to download this operating system. Microsoft is working on a new version called Windows 12 for users who want some exciting features on their PC.
Windows 12 is a future plan so it is not available on any web site. So there is no download link anywhere for this OS. However if you get a download link of this latest version somewhere then it is a complete scam. You can download it from Microsoft web site when it is officially release.
Windows 12 will and will release the version soon. Anyway, it’s from us. If you want to find hidden Windows 11 features, check out our linked article. And if you have any query, let us know in the comment section below.

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