Windows 12 early rumors 2024: Design, Features, Release Date!

It seems strange to think about Windows 12 without knowing how to use Windows 11 yet. Now test 12 is only rumours. But Microsoft will start working on their next operating system very soon.

A 2024 Test 12 release drones on, but keep in mind that specifics are still to come, and Microsoft wants to know about the next generation.

Since then Test 12 was rumored to have a release date of 2024. However, the group believes that this is nothing more than rumours. Because Microsoft will not announce their next operating system in 2024. So check out 12’s Ashesh leaks and rumors See more 11 has a lot of room for improvement.

Windows 12 early rumors 2024

Windows 12 will likely be an evolution of the change form established with Windows 11. Which will be some familiar design materials.

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Test 12 release test rumours

A leaked proposal from Intel has revealed that its future chips will be reported in 2024. Which will apparently support View 12 The reason for this leak seems to be that 2024 is the new version of the experiment

We think that 12 will debut after 2024. This is the truth of ours. This idea may not seem true to many. Previously Microsoft would release it in compatibility tests with three cycles. It still looks like Microsoft may return to its three-year release cadence.

Windows 12 rumored features and upgrades

  • ChatGPT is 50% with Bing
  • (Image credit: Microsoft)

Artificial Intelligence can play a big role in Exam 12. With Microsoft incorporating ChatGPT into its Bing browser, it goes further and has the advantage of using chatbots in Windows 12.

The decision will give a tidbit indication that Microsoft has a lot of results on machine learning. True, the technology that underlies the much talked about AITbot.

Windows 12 AI-Editor or adjacent network and resistance will double. After all, Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. So perhaps it wants to capitalize on its AI technology investment

Windows 12 is what we want to see

While View 11 still seems to work, it can be hard to come up with a wish for the next-generation operating system while improving with the current update.

We’d like to see that Windows 12 has a much less rocky launch than Windows 11, which was all bugs during the set release group. Sure they were patched, but it was hardly the best start for a new OS.

  • An image of the Android app on a Windows 11 laptop
  • (Image credit: Microsoft/Dell)

More customization of Virtual Box is something we’d like to see from Windows 12. See but Windows 11, and logically still for that, is limit with what you can do. We want Windows 12 users to have as many options for creating an account as the operating system around them.

We’d like to see Microsoft-owned apps add some more subtle touches, say mixing in

Skype with Teams is a consumer rather than having disparate capabilities that seem unable to compete with Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Razer Leviathan V2 Pro
  • (Image credit: Razor)

As Windows is the default gaming platform, it’s good that Windows 12 has more gaming-focused features built into it.

Although Windows 11 includes the Xbox app, I’d like to see RGB capability, the ability to sync various components and peripherals, and some form of native clocking instead of using a third-party app. This can also be extend to game streaming with easy controls over things like recording, audio balancing and switching to Zecon low latency mode. Microsoft could work with the likes of Razer, Philips and Elgato to provide direct and APIs to allow integration into a single universal app or interface.

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