Windows 12.1 ISO File Free Download 2024: Release, Design, features!

Windows 12: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors: A possible future update for the Windows operating system, (Microsoft Company). This Windows may be available in 2024 according to information from various websites, although there is no official confirmation from Microsoft. Some of the possible features for this Windows 11 successor include UI enhancements, better Android app support, AI, and reliance on the Settings app.

Windows 12.1 ISO File Free Download 2023

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When will Windows 12 be release?

As we have discussed in the beginning, Microsoft company has not announced any official information about the new Windows 12. It’s not like Microsoft will pull a Windows 9 move and skip this version and land on W13—it’s just that neither I nor anyone else has heard anything official from the company. So we cannot provide any clear information about Windows 12. But some online information suggests that it could be release in 2024.

There isn’t really a consistent timeline to gauge when Windows 12 will arrive. However, we can estimate the Windows 12 arrival date based on previous operating system arrival dates.

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  • Starting with Windows 7 in 2009:
  • Windows 8 arrives three years later (2012)
  • Windows 10 arrives three years later (2015)
  • Windows 11 arrives six years later (2021)
  • Windows 12 could arrive in three years (2024)

This timeline is echoe by Windows Central:

As we understand from the table above, Microsoft now intends to ship a “major” version of the Windows client every three years, with the next release currently scheduled for 2024, three years after Windows 11 ships in 2021. A similar timeline is expect for this version, so you’ll be able to access a pre-release build of Windows 12 through

Windows 12 Price Rumors:

We are going to talk about the price of Windows 12. In good news for Windows 11 users, and possibly Windows 10 users, there is a good chance that Windows 12 will be offered as an optional, free update to those who own a valid copy of Windows.

If you need a new license, I assume you’ll be able to get the digital version from Microsoft’s website or through other retailers on a USB device. But there is a price to pay.

The company will likely price it like they do Windows 11:

  • $139.99 for Windows 12 Home
  • $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro

Windows 12 features:

As with major OS updates, there will of course be numerous minor updates and changes under the hood that should translate into things like new icons and animations and additional settings that you can tweak. Check out more features below.

New UI: The 2022 Microsoft Ignite keynote gave us a glimpse of the Windows 12 user interface. 12 operating systems below show a neater-looking new Start menu, a concept for a built-in messaging client called Windows Messenger, a redesigned volume hub and desktop widgets.

Artificial Intelligence

With Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, their OS will use some form of artificial intelligence. The Windows 11 taskbar already has a shortcut to Bing AI, but Windows 12 will use AI in Outlook and other MS Office programs, and 12 will be more polished than Windows 11. Everything you can do in Windows, like video conferencing, search, file management, and everything in between, can easily be expand.

CorePC: CorePC is:- the codename of a project that is “a modular Windows for Microsoft to use different form factors. It is designe as a customizable variant. CorePC is state split, so it enables faster updates. It supports a more secure overall system.

No more Control Panel: Settings was reintroduce in Windows 8 and was intend to replace Control Panel, but the utility is still available today. Windows 12 OS gets rid of Control Panel entirely, so all Control Panel applets can be move to Settings.

Animated wallpaper: Windows is stuck with static images forever. Now that Windows 12 can use animate wallpapers, it’s already possible through third-party apps like desktop live wallpapers, but it would be great to have the ability to add live wallpapers creat directly in Windows.

Install Android APK: While you can get Android apps on Windows 11, but you’re stuck using the Amazon Appstore, Windows 12 allows us to install Android apps through their APK files. With 9 Best Android Emulators for Windows 11.

MSN Messenger Returns: Another Windows 12 feature rumored (first spotted on TechRadar) is Teams and Skype to merge into a new MSN Messenger. If you’re unfamiliar, MSN Messenger was an instant messaging client from Microsoft that was around in the early 2000s but was finally discontinue in 2013.

Windows 12 System Requirements:

Now we will see what might be require on PC to update Windows 12. To install Windows 12, your computer must meet minimum system requirements that are the same as, or similar to, the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

This is what I expect:

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64 GB storage
  • 64-bit processor
  • 1 GHz CPU clock speed

Initial setup requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account. Windows 11 introduces some special requirements that were not seen in previous versions of Windows. These include TPM 2.0 and UEFI with Secure Boot. Windows 12 will probably work the same way.

Download Windows 12:

Windows 12 is not available from Microsoft, it is not accessible in beta form and there are no pre-release builds. Not now for now. It’s too early to find the original Windows 12 ISO files, so anything you see online that claims to be W12—even if it’s call a leak from MS or called “Windows 12 Beta” or “Windows 12 Dev Build,” etc. – Actually it’s not the real deal.

The official site will be from Microsoft once this OS is release. Much like older versions of Windows, it will likely be available as a free update for Windows 11 users. You’ll get it by updating through Windows Update and, as with previous Windows versions, Microsoft will likely host an upgrade utility and official ISO on their website.

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