Windows 12.1 ISO Download 2024: Features, Release Date!

Windows 12 (Hudson Valley) is the next version of the operating system expected to come to you in 2024 with new features and improved releases.

WINDOWS 12 New Features, Changes, Release Date

However, the Microsoft statement declined to reveal any details of the next major upgrade in testing. Some information is published on the web, which is what we can expect in the next version. Gives a glimpse of what “Windows 12” may or may not make Muslim.

What’s new in Windows 12?

Test 12 is set to introduce quite a few new features, improvements, tweaks to existing features and visual changes. The company will focus on adding more AI features and faster updates.

New state separation system

While it’s unclear which features and changes will become part of the new version, recommendations suggest that the company split the operating system into different modules with a project known as “CorePC.” Allows building different versions of Windows 12.

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“CorePC” will also introduce the “state separation” scheme, a method that divides the entire system into “readability partitions”. Which is not quantifiable by third party apps. In contrast, judges historically use a partition to establish the whole. In which system files, apps and user data are stored in one place.

The facility to represent materials in different partitions allows better with faster updates while improving the security of the platform. Also, this device can be a method to help a network set up faster and more networkable.

As part of this project, the company is working on a new compatibility layer (known internally as “neon”) so that a system that uses legacy app state separation can work properly.

New AI features

Test 12 will focus on AIT features and Microsoft is working on improving AIT capabilities for the next version of the operating system.

Content on Screen may offer the ability to scan content on the screen and “contextual prompts to jumpstart projects or apps”. The system is able to try your image and text.

New visual changes

Not sure what visual changes will be out with Watch 12 However, the company has revealed bits of a new design recommendation for the pattern. There is a new floating taskbar with rounded corners and a new top bar interface with status, time and announcements.

New ReFS file system support

Windows 11 and earlier versions include support for the Resilient File System (ReFS). The file system is only available on the secondary drive in the operating system type version. Starting with the next version, it is likely that Windows 12 will include ReFS support for boot drives, which means that you can install the operating system on a ReFS partition, excluding the New Technology File System (NTFS). ReFS is to meet storage needs.

The integration is also present through Test Insider Plus. Microsoft may include this as a new feature for Windows 12.

Will Windows 12 be a free upgrade?

Windows of course because Windows 12 is expected to be available as a free upgrade for devices running Windows 11 or Windows 10 sometime soon.

Check the new version will be an optional install for compatible system configuration via update.


Do you want to use a Windows 12 product?, which will likely cost Windows 11 activation – $140 for the “Home” version and $200 for the “Pro” version. 12 may work to activate.

Will Windows 12 increase hardware capabilities?

Yes, Windows 12 can increase hardware capacity, but now it may appear that only memory pressure will change from 4GB to 8GB. Also newer versions require TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip and Secure Boot.

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