TracFone Wireless Plans 2024 Review!

 TracFone Wireless Plans 2024 Review: Today we will discuss the TracFone Wireless 2024 Update. As we know, carrying a cell phone was a luxury in the not-so-distant past. For many, the cost involved was too much to bother them—they already had their landlines! Then Tracphone appeared on the scene.

TracFone is a new industry – built within an industry: mobile cell phone plans that were prepaid, so you had to top up money based on your spending. Now, TracFone is one of the most considerable cell phone carriers—right behind Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint—making them, of course, the largest prepaid carrier.As we know, TracFone is big enough to own multiple mobile virtual network operators of their own – some of which you may have heard of:

TracFone Wireless Plans 2024

Simple Mobile

Total Wireless

Page Plus Cellular

Net 10

Straight talk

and more

That’s not even all of them. Either way, TracFone focuses on customers who are only light to moderate phone users; Often, these consumers fall into the 55+ age bracket. We’re not being ageist here – it’s just a fact. Take a look at their website, and you’ll see plenty of pictures of people in that age range, as well as deals that appeal to that market.

Since TracFone was founded in 1996 (under a different name) and is still around and relevant, then they must be doing something right. But how good are they actually? We dug in to find out, and now it’s your turn.

TracFone Plan + Price

TracFone has no contract; Only plans are divided between “Smartphone Only” and “Basic Phone”. They offer no-contract, prepaid plans in 30, 60, 90, or even 365-day increments only. So, say you buy one of the year-round plans, which will last you all year… or until you’ve used up all your minutes. It will carry over if you buy a new plan before your current term ends.

Check out their website, and it can get overwhelming. For easy understanding, we have divided their plan details in the next section.

Basic phone plans:

TracFone’s sick plans start as low as $9.99, but can go as high as $99.99 and up for the 365-day plan from the end. The good news about high-priced friendship is that it’s a term fee: $99.99 – $199.99 you get full 365 control government, or until purchased minutes run out.

But, if you’re targeting the TracFone—that is, you don’t use the phone much except for texting and calling while you’re running errands—they might be worth it. Not many competitors can beat this price – not Cricket, Verizon Prepaid, or MetroPCS. A similar plan is offered by the Freemop Pay Freeplan (it’s free until you use a certain amount of data), which is only launched for 1 year before jumping.

Where TracFone may start playing is that they don’t offer unlimited talk and text like similar competitors above—there is a limit. Of course, that’s the whole hook of the brand, so I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Smartphone plan only

Among TracFone’s other plans, smartphone-only plans start a little higher, at $15 a month. Again, however, TracFone doesn’t offer unlimited talk and texts—and the maximum offered is 1,500 minutes and each text, which lasts 365 days.

TracFone Wireless Plans 2023

But they come with 500MB to 2 GB of data which is enough for a casual user to run a Google search; As long as you don’t stream Netflix or play games on your phone, you should be fine.

If you plan on streaming with your phone, TracFone’s plans aren’t your best bet—the best data option is still $50 for just 2GB. While this may be a 90-day plan, if you stream a lot, you may not stay under that 2 GB threshold. In short, you’d be better off going with MetroPCS or Cricket Wireless:

MetroPCS — Unlimited data, talk, and text for $50 per month.

Cricket – $55 a month for unlimited data, talk, and text.

The difference is network coverage: MetroPCS uses T-Mobile (perfect for metro areas), and Cricket uses AT&T (more widespread reliability). If you’re interested in TracFone’s coverage, check out our section below. It’s surprisingly complex.

Service Add-ons

TracFone offers several service add-ons: international service, as well as minutes, data, and text boosts.

These prices come out right when compared to competitors, and they’re pretty fair compared to regular service plans – riding the fair line, yet offering incentives to level up if you consistently use more data than your plan. Assigns you

The global calling card is “OK.” – This is the only international feature of TracFone. Other providers, such as Simple Mobile, include international calling and texting in their plans. So if you do a lot of international calling/texting, you’ll be better off with another prepaid carrier.

Auto refill discount

When you set up your account with TracFone, you’ll be given the option to sign up for auto-refill. If you allocate talk, text, or data on your plan before your next cycle, TracFone will refill everything for you. Doing so will give you a small monthly discount.

There are some trade-offs either way. For example, if you’re on a budget, an auto-refill can be a dodgy thing that sends you into the red. Furthermore, you may not always choose the plan that best suits your current needs; Maybe you just wanted to buy the $10 500 minute add-ons and don’t want more text

Smartphone + DeviceTracFone does its best to keep saving you money: they don’t offer the latest smartphones.

The good news? This means that they are cheap phones… even though those same phones are available elsewhere alongside newer, more expensive phones

The bad news? Planned obsolescence is a real problem in the modern smartphone landscape. Investing in a phone that’s been on the market for two or three years means it won’t support updates in a few more years; You are effectively shrinking what is already a stunningly small performance window.


But if you want to bring your phone, no problem: TracFone has a BYOP program that supports both GSM and CDMA phones. Just make sure you double check first using their compatibility checker.

TracFone coverage + performance and

and Tracfone coverage + performance

TracFone has a leg up on many other MVNOs: most only use one or two, but TracFone uses 5. This means you should have coverage almost everywhere, as you have a choice of networks.

But, since TracFone will likely only choose one for you, you may not have good service. For example, in the TracFone coverage map above, there are substantial white patches (no service) across the western and midwestern regions of the country.

So unless you’re lucky enough to be place on Verizon’s network, your connection in rural areas is more likely to suffer.

Add to that the fact that, as an MVNO, TracFone essentially “leases” space on the network’s towers. So you’ll always be first in favor of direct customers from any major carrier (Verizon, T-Moble, etc.). Traffic jams are encounter. This isn’t specific to the TracFone, though—it’s the price you pay for cheap prices from budget carriers.

Customer service

TracFone’s customer service gets bad reviews in many cases. Some report only unhelpful representatives, while others speak of the quality and efficiency of customer service representatives.

Unfortunately, this is to be expect-the telecommunications industry as a whole has a bad reputation for customer service. But if you need to contact TracFone for help. You can check out various options from chat, Facebook, and Twitter to forums and phone. You can visit their customer support page to find those links.

TracFone Wireless Recap – How Good Are They?

Many of TracFone’s plans can be overwhelming, but it’s good to have options. Being able to pay for 90 and even 365 days is a great option to save some dough and lock in the period.

But if you need more than 2GB data or unlimited plan – go with someone else. We have a great list of the best prepaid cell phone carriers that you can check out for a starting point.

Since the TracFone runs on the Big 4 carriers (plus US Cellular). You shouldn’t have much of a problem with coverage, unless you live in tornado alley.

The TracFone is definitely for people who like to text or call periodically – but not too much.

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