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Tesla Pi Mobile

Tesla is rumore to release their upcoming device in 2023. This portal discusses the upcoming Tesla, which is very close to having the phone available. This is a short part of the specifications of the phone.

Tesla will have many updates for this new device. However, Tesla phones will be subject to stricter rules. This indicates that this mobile phone network technology will work in mountains and jungles. Tesla mobile phones will be able to use satellite technology to connect to a network.


The Tesla Phone Pi 2024 smartphone has a 6.7-inch IPS LCD screen, which runs the Tesla Operating System, with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. It can be equippe with 5000mAh battery, which gives the device for extend device while playing games, music, videos, media, without worrying about running out of battery.

Tesla Pi Mobile

Tesla will launch a new smartphone in the global mobile market “as soon as possible”. This new smartphone will be known as “Tesla Pi 5G Phone 2024”. Mocha Brown, Black, Polish Blue, and Pink Gold are the new color options for Tesla 5G phones, and their names are taken from the colors themselves.

Unfortunately, information is available from several different sources that conflict with each other. According to speculation, Tesla is working internally to develop a processor that will be exclusive to the 2023 flagship products of the Tesla Phone Pi smartphone.

This leaves the Tesla Pi 5G chipset in limbo due to the uncertainty caused by this development.

The upcoming mobile phone from Tesla Pi Phone is a great example of how design and functionality can work together to create something truly extraordinary. It is estimate that the electronic device will be available for purchase in the US starting 21 December, 2024 at a price of $1000 per unit. This smartphone, which is characteriz by its low profile, attractive design and lightweight, will be offer in various color options.

Elon Musk teases a possible Tesla Phone Pi

A podcaster named Liz Wheeler posted a tweet about the removal of Twitter from the App Store and Google Play Store. He suggest that Elon Musk should make his own smartphone if that happens. He thinks consumers will turn away from Google and Apple in favor of Elon’s phones because of the amazing reputation Elon has built for itself. And He also speculates that a person who builds rockets that can be refuel would not have a hard time learning how to build a smartphone.

Elon respond to the tweet by saying that he hopes it doesn’t, but if it does and there’s no other option, he’ll make an alternative phone. This could very well be a hint towards the much-awaited Tesla Phone, and it is likely to come with its own software instead of Android or iOS. Both these operating systems are now market leaders.

However, there is currently no indication that Twitter will be remove from the App Store, and it is difficult to create a new operating system in a short period of time because a new OS requires a significant amount of developer support.

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