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Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024: Price, Release, Review!

Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024: Price, Release Date, Review, Features, Full Specification Available in our content! This is Elon Musk’s first smartphone; Tesla is currently making a new upcoming ‘Model Pie’ smartphone. Which is designed to work on Mars! Friends, many of you may know that Tesla is the name of a big company. The company has already built many cars and rockets. I remember that “Tesla Pi Phone 2024” would be the perfect smartphone for the next generation.

But recently the Tesla company announced that they are making Tesla smartphones. It is rumored that their new device will launch in 2024. You may be surprised to learn about the functionality of this new device. Tesla told us that this new device will have a lot of updated things. This means that if you use this smartphone, the network system will work in the forest and mountains. The only reason is that this smartphone will have the ability to receive networks from the satellite.

Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024 Price

Brand Tesla

Tesla Pi 5G Phone 2024

Battery capacity 4700mAh

RAM 6/12 GB

ROM 128/256 / 512GB

Pi 5G Price 2022 $ 800 – 00 1200 USD

Tesla Pi 5G Phone 2022

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Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024: Specifications

Star-Link is a feature that allows you to download something very quickly while downloading. We learned from Tesla Mobile executives that it will have 150MBPS-200MBPS download capacity. The release of this new device is likely to destroy the mobile market. Another amazing thing to think about is that the device will be able to do what people think. This means that if you think you enter YouTube while using the device, it will enter YouTube immediately. Then this device will do it immediately. You do not have to touch any kind of handset here. The smartphone will work automatically.

Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024 Release Date:

Elon mask this company intends to publish in 2024. We cannot accurately predict that they will succeed. 7 releases a new upcoming smartphone Tesla Phone Company 22 June, 2024 (Expect) New Tesla Phone Release Date 2024 in the United States.

Star-Link satellite Connection:

In addition to a Star-Link satellite connection, the Tesla Model Pie has four cameras, a solar charging feature and skin that changes color in future designs. This smartphone also has a solar panel. If you want, you can fully charge your phone in just 30 minutes using sunlight. Moreover, through this device you will be able to know a lot of information about Mars.

Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024 Features:

The new Tesla phone company has not released any information about the exact features of the gadget such as processor, screen size, RAM and battery capacity. However, we note that the Tesla model Pi SpaceX has the ability to download Star-Link Internet up to a maximum of 210Mbps. Moreover, this Tesla Phone Pi 5G device will be able to mine Mars-coin cryptocurrency directly from the smartphone.

The date of its release is closely guarded by a closely guarded privacy policy. A Star-Link antenna is taken out of the box of the smartphone. A smartphone with a high-speed connection will be mandatory anywhere as it eliminates the need for a terrestrial connection.

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The most amazing new feature of this device is that the smartphone has a Neuro-Rink technology feature. These are the original neurocomputer interfaces, that is, the chips that Elon Musk’s company plans to treat in the human brain by the end of 2024 and improve brain capacity.

Tesla Phone 2024 Elon Musk:

All these developments undoubtedly belong to Elon Musk. However, the features of a smartphone are very difficult to perform on one device. Therefore, the possibility of Tesla model Pi being release in this form is doubtful. In addition, one can only guess what the price of a smartphone with such functionality will be in the end. However, our idea is that the device will cost a lot of money.

Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024 Price:

The company did not disclose the price of the smartphone. Price details, Tesla Pi Phone starts at $1200 (expect) and Indians start at Rs. 1,20,000. Friends, this device is very powerful and has many new features.

The price of Tesla phone in India is 1,20,000 INR

Bangladesh Price of Tesla Phone  N / A in Bangladesh

Pakistan Price of Tesla Phone  N / A in Pakistan

Price of Tesla phone in Nigerian N / A 2022

Tesla Phone Price  Euro Country N / A

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