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Tesla Bot New Optimus Update 2024: Details Explained!

P4! 2024 “Next Gen III” Tesla Optimus Update! Why The Tesla Bot Abnormal? Details Explained. The Tesla Optimus bot has been updated recently. Because the company has created its first humanoid robot. Tesla is about to update Optimus bot production figures, but the numbers may not be as high as some expect.

Along with information on Optimus Bot’s production figures in search during Tesla’s Q2 event 2023 earnings call. An update to the robot’s capabilities was requested a few years ago after its unveiling at AI Day in late 2021.

Tesla Bot New Optimus Update 2024

After it issued an update in May, Optimus was shown actively walking, running videos, and requiring the human assistance of another person. The project is definitely progressing. The nature of the robot’s arm movements, its navigation capabilities, show that things are trending in the right direction.

Tesla has already shared new videos of the Optimus

At the AI Day 2022 event on the Tesla Optimus program, the electric vehicle maker unveiled two humanoid robot prototypes. showing improvements from AI Day 2022. Notable among these was one unit that was already self-propelled and moving, while others were built with off-the-shelf parts. But people still needed help at that time

Since the release of the video in May, no new updates have been released yet. Rather, the call expressed more upside concerns about the number of units currently being built. Optimus – Gen 2

Elon Musk joked that 10 million Optimus bots were active, dismissing it with a smile. But its executives reveal the real answer.


“I think we’re about 5 or 6 bots…but it’s kind of – yeah, there’s more every month. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about the Optimus bot.”

Elon Musk created a small number of Optimus bots. Tesla was having problems with the supply of actuators. But realized that there was no company or organization that could make the right device for the robot.

An actuator creates motion by converting energy and signals that go into a system.

Tesla realized that there were no off-the-shelf actuators that “worked well” for the Optimus.

Kasturi says:

We have to design our own actuators, which integrate motors or power electronics, controllers, sensors. And each of them is custom designed.

But later they plan to use the same inference hardware as the car. But we are designing these actuators, designing for volume production. So, wherever they are in the world, they are simply lighter than any other actuators. It’s actually really productive.

Musk added “the first type of production candidate actuators should be integrated and walking around November-ish.” He said a production ramp for the Optimus will happen soon.

The Optimus was unveiled nearly two years ago, and Tesla plans for it to perform monotonous and non-demanding tasks that people find boring.

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