Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Reviews, Key Features!

Samsung Galaxy M77 is a budget-friendly Android phone with many features for the price. It has a 6.8-inch HD display, SND 898 processor and 12GB RAM. The M77 has 512GB of storage. The Quad has a 48MP front-facing camera with 108MP rear camera.

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Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Specs:

Design: Curved display, metal and glass body

Samsung Galaxy M77 can be a smooth device for smartphone lovers. The new device will feature a metallic and glass body. The phone has a 6-inch display with a curved edge. It is available in black, silver and gold.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G

Camera: Samsung Galaxy M77 has a 108MP camera and a 64MP front-facing camera. This phone will be perfect for those who want to capture stunning photos and videos. With a huge number of megapixels, the M77 is capable of taking incredible pictures and videos. The phone also has a wide-angle lens and stabilization technology. This makes it perfect for capturing shots. Whether you are taking pictures of nature or friends, M77 will give you beautiful results.

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Battery: 6990mAh

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy M77 battery will be transformed into a powerful and smooth smartphone. It has the potential to pack a heavy 6800mAh battery. With fast charging capability, you can quickly and easily charge your phone.

Operating system: Android 12

One of the main advantages of this phone is its operating system. Android 12 offers a new feature among the latest versions available. Some of the users have improved security, faster performance

 All in all, Android 12 is a great operating system that will bring a lot of benefits to smartphone users. If you are looking for a powerful and kind phone then this is for you. We think Samsung Galaxy M77 should be at the top of your list.

Samsung Galaxy M77 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy M77 will be released in 2022 Although no information has been published yet. An expected update of the Samsung Galaxy M series which is currently under development The phone is almost ready for quick release. Now you can check the release date of Samsung Galaxy M77.

Samsung Galaxy M77  5G Price

There is no information about the price of Samsung Galaxy M77. It will probably be more expensive, considering its desirability. Price of Samsung Galaxy M77 We estimate that it will be around $750

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Prices based on different countries are given below:

Country value (expected)

Galaxy M77 is price at $ 750 in the US

The Galaxy M77 is price at INR 56,965 in India

 Galaxy M77 is price at A 1,000 1,000 in Australia

alaxy M77 is price at C 93 938 in Canada

Galaxy M77 is price at 1 571 in the UK

The price of Galaxy M77 in Germany is 678 German Euro

Final word:

Samsung Galaxy M77 is an excellent smartphone for the price. It has a great display, fast performance, and lots of features for those in need The only downside is that it doesn’t have an S pen. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M77 is a great phone that offers great value for money.

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