Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021: Full Specifications, Price, and Latest News!

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021: 12GB RAM, 108MP Camera, 8800mAh Battery! Welcome to my new mobile website. Today I want to talk to you about a new phone. The name is Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021. This phone is able to meet your every need.  Nokia unveiled this flagship a few days ago. Mocha Brown, Black, Polished Blue and Pink Gold will be available in four new colors. This new premium device has sparked the Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021 global market with more incredible features and specs.

Currently, Nokia Lumia is slowly improving its position in the world mobile rankings in the internet world. Nokia authorities always think of the needs of their customers and they make new handsets every year. And so Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021 has used the latest technology in their new smartphone. We have received news through various secret information that there are many people who are already using Nokia.

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021 device with an attractive color design and long life battery. Google is launching its latest work on this device in the Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021. All our information is correct because we have collected it from various official websites of Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021. We will use all this information when buying this smartphone. Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021 Let us know what are the features of this phone from the information below.

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme Full Specification:

The smartphone has a huge 6.9-inch Super LED with 29K x 3690 pixels with 4K resolution. Gorilla Glass 7 has also been used to protect the display. The amazing features of this phone will fascinate you. This smartphone is going to come up with more interesting features. The display is the biggest attraction of a phone. The arrival of this device will be with a smooth design and great specs. Premium Corning Gorilla Glass on the back which will make the device look brighter.

Camera & Battery:

Nowadays the camera is a very important subject. If the phone is not a good camera then we do not enjoy using the phone. The camera section of this phone has 108MP + 32MP + 8MP + 2MP back camera. Besides, there is a 48 MP camera for taking selfies. This means that the camera is very standard. The camera of this smartphone will make you a skilled photographer

Another important aspect of every smartphone is the battery. This phone has a huge Li-ion 6900mAh box. This allows you to use the phone for a long time. The phone also uses fast charging technology. This will have the advantage that all people use the phone all the time. Using current technology, the phone can be charged quickly.


Nokia Vitech Max Extreme comes with 10GB / 12GB / 16GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB / 512GB as ROM. We know that storage and RAM are important aspects of a smart phone. It means that the new flagship is very powerful. So it can be said that this smart phone is capable of storing a lot of data.

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021
Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme 5G 2021

Others system:

This model Nokia smartphone runs Android 11 version. Current standard technology supports GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / HSPA. Another nice thing is that this phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 65 chipset as a processor.

Nokia Vitech Max Xtreme Release date & Price:

Sadly, the release date and price of this upcoming phone have not been officially announced. Honestly we may have to wait a while to meet this phone. About the cost, Nokia Vitech Premium 2021 price will start from $499 ~ Rs. 36,602.

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