Nokia Hyper 5G 2023 News, Reviews, Features!

The use of smartphones is increasing day by day all over the world. The people of the world are now slowly becoming dependent on mobiles and computers. One thing that can be noticed more nowadays is the need for high quality smartphones. And so Nokia companies use advanced technology in their smartphones. Because most people now expect this type of mobile. Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. Announcing the launch of another high-tech smartphone, the Nokia Hyper 5G.

Nokia Band always tries to give new feature phones to Nokia customers. We’ve been noticing for a long time now that Nokia has been releasing smartphones at decent prices. We know that Nokia engineers will try to give a lot of interesting features in this smartphone. And so if you like this smartphone then keep reading below to know the details of this smartphone.

Nokia Hyper 5G 2022

Nokia Hyper 5G 2023 Specs:

Now most consumers are looking for a gorilla glass resistant handset with Super AMOLED when purchasing a smartphone. And so Nokia authorities have used it appropriately. This smartphone has a 6.9-inch display with 4K resolution. The design and other fantastic features of this handset will give you a premium feel.

The operating system and processor are very important for a smartphone. We are currently using phones with high quality processors. Because using this type of smartphone is very comfortable and fast. This is why the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 Plus chipset has been used in this phone. On the other hand the operating system has been selected as Android 12. I think of course this could be the perfect Nokia phone for you.


We have learned from Nokia authorities that it will have three storage options. This smartphone will come with 10GB + 12GB + 16GB RAM and 128GB + 256GB + 512GB onboard storage. The smartphone will have a microSD card for upgrading storage up to 1TB.

A phone without battery is useless. No matter how high quality smartphones we have, if we don’t have good quality batteries, we will have to face many problems. This Nokia Hyper 5G phone from Nokia will have a huge 7900mAh battery cell. This device uses fast charging technology. Which has made our life much easier.

Now most of the users focus on the camera of the smartphone. We all hope to get selfies and high quality videos now. As a result, smartphones need advanced lenses. Which is why this device has 108MP Pureview Lens + 32MP Ultra-Wide Lens + 16MP Ultra-Wide Snapper + 8MP Depth Sensor on the back. On the other hand there is a dual 32MP + 8MP lens.

Nokia Hyper 5G 2023 Release Date:

In fact, every smartphone brand tries to release their phones quickly. However, due to various complications, it was too late to release their smartphones. We do not have an exact release date for this phone. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, Amra speculates that the phone may be released later this year.

Nokia Hyper 5G 2023 Price – $499

Nokia always makes high quality smartphones. For this reason, the price of this phone is a little higher than other brands. Below is our expected price of Nokia Hyper 5G for 499 globally where Indian users will get the phone for Rs. 37,290.

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