New (2024) Windows 12 ISO Free Link: 64/32Bit Download

New (2024) Windows 12 ISO Free Link 64/32 Bit Download! Microsoft PC is one of the best brands in the world. Microsoft has many operating systems. Another new version of Microsoft operating system is named Microsoft Windows 12. We absolutely love to think about Microsoft Windows 12 release date, features, updates and ideas.

Windows 12 ISO 2024 specification

On a computer, Windows 12 requires the following: An optional, free update to Windows 12 has a good chance for Windows 11 users and possibly Windows 10 users who have a valid copy of Windows. If you need a new license, we think you should be able to get the digital version from Microsoft’s website or through other retailers on USB devices.

New (2024) Windows 12 ISO Free Link

Processor 1GHz or faster dual-core processor with at least two cores 64-bit compatible

Memory At least 4 GB RAM

Storage 64 GB or more

System firmware supports Secure Boot and uses UEFI

TPM TPM Trusted Platform Module, version 2.0

Graphics card compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver and DirectX 12 or newer

High definition (720p), 8 bits per color channel and display support for monitors larger than 9 inchesর্

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A GUI, graphical user interface is a functional framework developed by the Microsoft company. Microsoft Windows is used in most computers. Its popularity is due to its exceptionally user-friendly UI. Everyone can use it without any problem. The element of Microsoft Windows is that it offers a very straightforward interface and numerous highlights to the client.

Windows 12

Massive Windows 12 is already in the works, with development set to begin in March 2024

Microsoft cannot predetermine what the next update will release based on the current time. But as a Windows 10 user you can expect some changes in its upcoming update. Below are the features you can expect in future updates of Windows 12.

Advanced Crotona

  • Radical networking
  • Enhanced gesture integration
  • Upgrade security
  • Improved power management
  • Search preview
  • HDR support
  • Snip & Snatch
  • Built-in messaging
  • Clipboard history
  • Dark mode for file manager
  • Improved interface

There are many more highlights, including multi-tasking and software support, which we will get to know more. Actually you have heard the correct information about the upcoming version of the operating system Microsoft Windows.

New 2024 Windows 12 Download 64Bit/32Bit

A very new capability of screen recording built in by Microsoft.

The new Microsoft Microsoft Windows 12 update replaces Windows Defender with Windows Security. This default Windows antivirus adds several new security features like anti-ransomware. Many more high-security features have been added to the new Windows Security app.

How to install Windows 12 ISO 64Bit?

To install the latest version of Windows, you must go to your Settings app. Then go to the Microsoft Windows Insider Program section and sign up for the beta channel. You can then restart your computer and check Windows Update for updates to get version 22000.120.

CPU 1GHz or SOC or Other faster processor
STORAGE 16 GB for 32-bit and 20 GB for 64-bit
RAM 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit
GRAPHICS Microsoft DirectX 9 or WDDM 1.0 driver
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 and above


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