Download Windows 12 ISO 64 Bit Installation: Full Version Activated

Download Windows 12 ISO 32-64 Bit Installation: Do you want to download the upcoming 2024 Exam 12 ISO? Then you go to the text of this port. See here 12 ISO 32-64 bit full features and explaine in more detail. Microsoft Windows 12 looks like macOS. As a preview we can see it as late as 2024.

Windows 12 looks like macos

The appearance of the OS, known as Windows 12, released information at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event held some time ago.

It is not impossible that the OS they display in Microsoft Ignite 2022 could be Windows 12 design. Windows 12 looks really different.

Download Windows 12 ISO 64 Bit Installation

This operating system looks like Windows 11. Windows will seem much more similar and attractive than McOS in 12 designs. You can say it because OS will come with a new design. A transparent taskbar that will sort the top of the desktop screen.

There will be a taskbar on the top of the desktop like MacOS. These windows contain information about the 12 taskbar date, time, hours, battery, WiFi, etc.

Some features and concepts of Windows 12

Microsoft officials will soon announce the official date of the new operating system Windows 12. Which will be publish at the end of 2024. However, various features of the operating system have been leake. According to the leake features, it can be said that this will be a secure operating system for the computer.

Windows 12 features leaked

start screen

Strat screen option was used by all previous operating systems to launch applications. Where Microsoft has gone old-school this time around is the traditional Start menu that has been reintroduce, according to reports. Which is more user friendly than the start screen option.

Cortana 2.0

Microsoft launch Cortana 2.0 virtual assistant to help you. Which is an improve version of Cortana. As many of you know this feature was previously introduced in Windows Phone 8.1. The main advantage of this feature is that a person can work with Cortana without lifting a finger.


Windows 12 is a perfect blend of touchscreen devices. Users will get the option to work in both modes. This new feature will be able to work on mobile phones and tablets as well. While in tablet mode the start menu will work like in desktop mode. which will fit full screen. The button to switch on or off for the Tablet Mode feature will be in the Action Center.

Security improvements

Microsoft has provide many securities in Windows 12 to protect your computer. Which will include a Windows Defender by default. Window Defender will have an antivirus protection to protect your system.

Action Center Notifications

Notifications are very important for every business and also for personal use This part of the operating system is used both professionally and personally.

Windows 12 Installation Process for PC and Laptop

First enter Windows 10 configuration to install Windows 12 64-bit on your PC. Then click on the Update and Security section, where operating system updates are managed.

Two things can happen in the Windows Insider Program category. If you meet the requirements to upgrade to Windows 12 64 bit, you will not be told anything, but if you do not meet the requirements, you will see a message that you will not be able to get beta versions of Windows 12 64 bit. . If you don’t specify Windows 12 will appear, everything is fine, and you need to click the Start button to join the Windows Insider program.

In the first step, you will be asked to link an account with the program. This is important for Windows 12 download. Here, click on an account link, and choose the Microsoft account you’re going to use on your computer.

After choosing an account, you will enter the Choose your internal settings menu, where you can choose which channel you want to join to download updates from it. Here, you need to select the development channel.

Windows 12 iso download

After selecting the development channel, a window will appear informing you that Microsoft is going to collect information about how you use your computer. This is normal in the Insider program and you must accept it, as it is the grain of sand that you put into the program and with your information, Microsoft will be able to detect bugs in the Windows 12 setup.

A screen will tell you that you need to restart your computer to apply the changes. This is necessary, because you won’t finish joining the Windows Insider program or start downloading the Windows 12 iso until you restart.

Once you restart your computer, go back to Windows Settings, go to Update and security, and go to the Windows Update section. Here, check for new operating system updates, and pre-versions of Windows 12 64-bit will start downloading. The Windows 12 download file may take some time, as it is a large file of several gigabytes.

When the update to the Windows 12 ISO file is finished downloading, a notification will appear at the bottom right of your screen informing you about it. All you need to do is restart your computer when it suits you best as the update process may take more than half an hour.

Windows 12 ISO 64-bit Requirement

64 GB of storage

4 GB of RAM

1 GHz processor with two or more cores

Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12

UEFI and Secure Boot

TPM 2.0

it is very likely that you can update. But, it is also possible that the tool tells you no.

How to install Windows 12 ISO 64 bit?

To install the latest version of Windows, you must go to your Settings app, go to the Windows Insider Program section, and sign up for the beta channel. Then you can restart your computer.

Windows 12 is the new OS installation

Install Windows 12 for Laptop. Windows 12 32-64bit is available in seven editions:

  1. Windows 12 Home

2. Windows 12 Pro

3. Windows 12 Education

4. Windows 12 Enterprise

5. Windows 12 Mobile

6. Windows 12 Mobile Enterprise

7. Windows 12 Workstation

Windows 12 ISO Mac Features:

Designed for macOS 12 Monterey and Windows 12: The app’s design language has been update to seamlessly integrate with both macOS Monterey and Windows 12 ISO.

Speed and performance improvements: System resume is now 38% faster, OpenGL graphics 6x faster, and 2D graphics on Windows 25% faster. On M1 Macs, Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview is 33% faster, disk performance is 20% better, and DirectX 11 performance is improved by 28%. Finally, on Macs with Intel, network connections are 60% faster.

Enhanced drivers for a comprehensive Windows gaming experience: Display drivers offer much smoother Windows interface responsiveness and synchronize video playback.

Automatic Resource Manager Optimization: Designe to evaluate and determine the optimal amount of Mac hardware resources for virtual machines.

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