Breaking News For Windows 12 2023: Microsoft Announces Release Date!

Are you a person with Windows 10/Windows 11? Many of us were getting use to Windows 11 lately. It gets good acceptance among the users in the operating system ecosystem.

Windows 12 is rumore to start rolling out later next year. It will also come with new features like a floating taskbar.

Breaking News For Windows 12 2023

Windows 12 is expressive… in a way

There are many true rumors about Windows 12 this year. But Microsoft is releasing some important information. To be honest, Microsoft has not confirmed this personally. There are many indications of its development.

Take a look at a screenshot of a video from the 2023 developer conference that mentions a “next generation” of information. The question is thought to be referring to Test 12. This is not cloud-videos 11.

Microsoft has mentione a “Next Valley prototype design,” which is rumore to be a code for the next generation of tests.

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VisitorLatest notes that Microsoft Fort has teased a version of the company’s Ignite 2023 operating system with a floating taskbar. It is believe to be internal part of the new design changes for the upcoming tests.

According to rumors, Microsoft may release Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024. A wider rollout is also rumore in 2025, with Windows 11 in 2021.

An earlier statement suggested that Intel, and possibly AMD, were working with Microsoft to bring advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to Windows. This is not surprising considering their initiative.

Ironically, we are discussing Windows 12 at a time when Windows 11 is starting to gain traction among PC users. Last month, its global market share reached a record high of around 24%, although Windows 10 still leads with 71%.

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