BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022: Release Date, Full Specs, Price!

BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022: It’s time for BlackBerry’s new smartphone release. Here we will discuss a new smartphone. So let’s dive deeper into the specs and features, and see how it stacks up against everyone else. Today we are going to announce the details of the new BlackBerry phone. This is a new flagship called **BlackBerry Compact 5G**. BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022 has 512GB on-board storage, 12GB RAM, 7100mAh battery, quad-camera and more.

We believe that this phone will definitely hit the market as soon as it is released. Because it has so many great features. If your phone is old. You want a new smartphone but still can’t decide which one to buy? In this regard, we suggest you to consider some information and features of the new BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022

BlackBerry has not yet released any information about this handset. There is some leaked information from BlackBerry authorities. If you want to know all about it, keep reading.

BlackBerry Compact 5G release date

We are sorry because we do not have accurate information. We are only sharing rumor information with you. BlackBerry officials have not yet officially announced a launch date. And so you have to wait until we confirm the BlackBerry. However, we have a rumored launch date for you.

We have learned from various media that Compact 5G will be available in the world market in 2022. The release date for the BlackBerry Compact is likely to be in the last quarter of 2022.

BlackBerry compact full Features & Specs:


BlackBerry makes phones every year depending on productivity. But they want to make sure it’s not just about business. This is why the BlackBerry Compact is glossy, touch-sensitive. The discussion is that this is going to be the first of the BlackBerry phones. Its beautiful look which will probably remind you of BlackBerry K3. However, this BlackBerry has improved because it has dropped the physical keyboard in favor of modern layout.


BlackBerry has created this new smartphone which is not only big but also beautiful. Its display comes with a large 6.7-inch display with 1440 x 3040 pixels. These high-end glasses mean the phone needs strong protection. BlackBerry has confirmed that Corning Gorilla Glass 7 will provide protection to the device.

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This new BlackBerry phone has a Li-Polymer 7100mAh battery. Which does not need to be removed for charging. It supports fast charging (35W) technology. Once the battery of this smartphone is charged, it will last for a long time. This is a plus point for game lovers and internet browsers like me.

BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022 Camera:

This device is a powerful quad-camera setup. There will be high quality cameras with new designs. Each camera in this device has a powerful lens. However, the camera setup of this device will be 64MP, 16MP, 8MP, and 2MP. From this you get more than just any other phone camera – a selfie camera with which you can capture the moments that happen in your daily life. You will not waste your money if you buy this smartphone. This selfie-centric smartphone has a top 32MP rear camera. This is a great selfie camera and a good camera for other shots.

BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022

Storage and processor:

This smartphone has a lot of storage. This allows you to store a lot of data on this device. With this device, you get 256 / 512GB onboard storage and 10-12GB RAM. The operating system of this device will be built on Android 12. Moreover the chipset of this device will be much stronger. It will include Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 5G. This is definitely a worthy consideration for any consumer.


All the latest connectivity will be available in this flagship. This device will offer options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G networks, Mobile hotspot, USB-3, GSM, CDMA, LTE, and so on.


You can place a fingerprint sensor on the side of this new BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022. It will also have FaceID recognition, a barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, proximity sensor, dual-LED flashlight, and it can even withstand water for up to 2 hours.

BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022 Price

Many of you may be wondering how much will be the price of this smartphone? Really, Speaking of which, we still don’t know how much it costs. According to some sources, however, it will be quite affordable. Those who dream of getting a BlackBerry phone but can’t afford it can wait for it. Prices for the BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022 start at 599 in the USA.

In conclusion, the BlackBerry Compact 5G 2022 seems like a great phone for anyone who wants to use it as their flagship device. It has a long battery life, an excellent camera, and high quality speakers.

The BlackBerry Compact is a perfect device for those looking for a small phone with awesome features.

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