iPhone 16 5G 2024 Review, News, Features!

We know Apple is always working on new iPhone models. Which will be released in 2024 The so-called “Apple iPhone 16 5G” has yet to be released. But it is rumored to have a bigger screen than the iPhone. It has an OLED display .It remains to be seen if this upcoming phone will materialize.

iPhone 16 5G 2024 Specs

The new iPhone 16 is the slimmest and lightest phone that Apple has ever released. It is made with a durable aluminum and glass design that is both sleek and stylish. Despite its compact size, the iPhone 16 has a large display that makes it perfect for watching movies or playing games. And with its advanced A18 Bionic chip, it is one of the fastest phones on the market.

Apple iPhone 16 5G 2022


Display is an important component of smartphone. The iPhone 16 will have an OLED display that is 6.4 inches. This type of display was first used by the Apple company. Which is expected to provide great new experience for users.

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Camera 108-megapixel

The Apple iPhone always displays typically clear images and offers a wide range of shooting modes. As such you can stay in front of the action while capturing visuals with incredible detail. It has a quad 108-megapixel resolution and wide-angle lens, enabling you to get as close to the action as you like. The camera has many photo modes and zoom functions that make it easy to take close-up photographs of objects or people The electronic viewfinder makes it easy to see the results of your shots before you take them

Battery Life:

You may be lucky if you buy this. Because Apple is bringing its next generation flagship, iPhone 16. Its huge 4850mAh battery life is much longer than Apple devices. Its battery is very powerful and it is thin and light. You can carry it wherever you want. You can keep this phone active for ten to twelve hours.


The upcoming iPhone 16 packs in all the features that a smartphone enthusiast would want. With it’s exceptional performance, the amazing version is going to be popular with the customers and will probably rank higher among other powerful devices in the market.

iPhone 16 5G 2024 Price in US

Apple iPhone 16 prices in the US will start at $1199 for the 8GB RAM model and go up to $1250 for the 12GB RAM model. For those looking to upgrade, the new iPhone starts at $1299 for the 512GB ROM model.

iPhone 16 5G 2024 Price in India

Apple iPhone 16 price in India starts at Rs. 93,038 for the 256GB model. For those looking to upgrade, iPhone 16 prices start at 100,794 for the 512GB ROM model.

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Apple iPhone 16 Price in Bangladesh

Apple iPhone 16 price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 106,482 for the 256GB model. If most phones are in the market, the iPhone 16 starting price is 115,363TK for the 512GB ROM model.

Apple iPhone 16 2024 Price in Dubai

iPhone 16 5G 2022 prices in Dubai start at AED 4,403 for the 256GB model. The iPhone 16 starts at AED 4,771 for the 512GB ROM model.

Apple iPhone 16 Price in the Philippines

The starting price of Apple iPhone 16 in the Philippines is 62,917 Philippine pesos for the 256GB model, and 68,165 Philippine pesos for the 512GB ROM version.

Apple iPhone 16 5G 2024 Release Date:

Apple has a proven track record of producing quality products and services. So it will take time to bring this new iPhone to the market. So, you just have to wait for some time. The iPhone 16 will be release in 2024, and it looks like it will have a tremendous impact.

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