Apple (2024) Watch Series 9: Specs, Price, Release Date!

Apple (2024) Watch Series 9: Specs, Price, Release Date! With the introduction of the Apple Watch, Apple has almost cornered the wristwatch market Apple is curious about Apple’s plans for the next iteration of the digital watch in 2024. So, Apple Watch Series 9 and subsequent wearables are our hope.

Features of Apple Watch Series 9 2024

The completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 9 still has several useful improvements. Apple unveiled its brand-new Apple Watch Ultra last year. Which has lots of functions and components. The newest member of the Apple Watch family surprised everyone by including an unexpected new feature: the action button with its rugged build, flat edges and slightly larger display (49mm vs. 45mm on the Apple Watch Series 8).

Apple (2023) Watch Series 9

Apple 2024 Watch Series 9 Battery Life

Apple Watch 9 Battery Life The Series 9 battery can back up your device for a long time. So we made sure we gave it a battery that lasts all day. Our goal for Series 9 battery life is 18 hours after an overnight charge, factoring in things like checking the time, getting notifications, using apps, and doing a 60-minute workout.

Dual-frequency GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra, like the iPhone 14 Pro, adds the L5 band to its advanced GPS for location tracking. The extra band is useful in urban areas where connecting a regular watch might be a problem, even if you don’t plan on doing any strenuous trekking. This will follow Apple’s usual practice of debuting a new feature on a premium model before bringing it to more affordable offerings.

New sensor

Apple has long been working on a technique to monitor glucose levels without using additional equipment. Apple’s team has completed several “major milestones” on the new project, and the feature is currently in the “proof of concept” stage.

Apple 2024 Watch Series 9 Price USA

Apple’s pricing strategy for the Apple Watch in the US has remained impressively stable. The standard model costs £50 more in the United Kingdom. We expect the Series 9 to be priced the same as the Apple Watch Series 8, albeit with a price hike in Europe. So, expect to pay roughly £419 (about $399).

Country Price
Apple Watch Series 9 Price in USA $600
Watch Series 9 Price in UK £419.
Apple Watch Series 9 Price in Canada CA$529.00 to CA$1,949.00
Watch Series 9 Price in Singapore SGD 1,206
Apple Watch Series 9 Price in Germany Euro540
Watch Series 9 Price in Kuwait  244 KD.
Apple Watch Series 9 Price in Qatar QAR1,719.
Watch Series 9 Price in Australia starts at $359

Micro OLED display

The Apple Watch has been the focus of one of the most persistent rumors that have circulated over the past few years about Apple’s possible use of a MicroLED screen. Apple will also introduce microLED screens on the Apple Watch.

Apple 2024 Watch Series 9 release date

This Apple releases new watch models at regular intervals. The new models will debut in September. We expect Apple to release the Apple 2024 Watch Series 9 in September 2023, possibly on September 6.

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