New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link 64Bit/32Bit!

New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link 64Bit/32Bit: Features, Requirements, Beta Version! After a long time Microsoft recently released the first major update for the OS — Windows 12. Are you looking for Windows 12 release date? This is an exciting one for Windows users. Here are the reports we’ve heard about Windows 12. Here are features about Windows 12 and will be available with some future updates. Now you have to wait for the latest version and check the official website of Microsoft to know about the exact release date.

Microsoft company may launch their biggest version sometime in 2024. Earlier it was rumored that Windows 12 would be released almost three years after the debut of Windows 11. If past releases are any indication, Windows 12 should arrive in the fall. Although rumored to be in March 2024.

Windows 12 Release Date 2024

New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link 64Bit/32Bit be free?

When Windows 12 is released, it will also be free for a while. Microsoft will understandably be keen to get as many people on the new OS as possible.

Windows 12 have different hardware requirements?

In fact, it is impossible to predict what will happen in this matter. Although laptops and PCs have retained the same basic design for decades.

Windows 11’s hardware requirements have proven controversial. Security features like TPM and Secure Boot may become important to Microsoft in the future.

You’ll probably need a recent chip from the likes of Intel, AMD. Other chipmakers may be popular by then. Expect to bump up to the current minimum of 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 720p display

We can see the need for AI in light of Microsoft’s recent investment in OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT intelligent chatbot. According to Windows latest reports, AMD is working on CPUs with AI built-in, and it’s likely that Intel and ARM will follow suit at some point.

Windows 12 Release Date 2024

New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link 64Bit have?

We have no idea what new features Windows 12 will have. Perhaps Microsoft is still full of stars in this regard

Features not disclosed.

Windows 12 has released an early version of the UI. A mock-up at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in October 2022 shows a very different design:

Windows 12 UI Mockup

Windows Central

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Windows 12 will look like that. A lot can change between now and a final release.

Deskmodder suggest that Windows 12 will be built from the ground up rather than base on previous versions. This is what we saw with Windows 10X before many features were added to Windows 11.

New 2024 Windows 12 Price Rumors

There is a good chance that Windows 12 will be offere as an optional, free update to Windows 11 users, and possibly to Windows 10 users who have a valid copy of Windows.

If you need a new license, we think you should be able to get the digital version from Microsoft’s website or through other retailers on a USB device.

The company will likely price it like they do Windows 11:

$139.99 for Windows 12 Home

$199.99 for Windows 12 Pro

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New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link:

No more control panel

We expect a further shift (perhaps a complete withdrawal) from the Control Panel in favor of Settings. Settings was reintroduced in Windows 8 and was intended to replace the Control Panel, but the utility is still available today.

If Windows 12 gets rid of Control Panel entirely, all Control Panel applets can be moved to Settings. We’ve already seen this start happening, such as with Windows Update, which hasn’t been available through the Control Panel since Windows 8.

Install Android APK

You can already get Android apps on Windows 11, but you’re stuck using the Amazon Appstore, so you’re limited to the options available through that store. Windows 12 can improve on this by letting us install Android apps through their APK files.

MSN Messenger returns

In a rumored Windows 12 feature (first seen on TechRadar) we saw Teams and Skype being integrated into a new MSN Messenger. If you’re unfamiliar, MSN Messenger was an instant messaging client from Microsoft that was around in the early 2000s but was finally discontinued in 2013.

New Windows 12 system requirements

To install Windows 12, your computer must have the following components. These requirements will be the minimum system requirements for Windows 12

We expect something like this, where your computer must have at least the following to be compatible with Windows 12:


64 GB storage

64-bit processor

1 GHz CPU clock speed

An Internet connection and a Microsoft account

Windows 11 introduces some special requirements that were not seen in previous versions of Windows. These include TPM 2.0 and UEFI with Secure Boot. We think Windows 12 will do the same.

Guide to New 2024 Windows 12 ISO Free Link

  • First, click on the Windows icon and then search for the Windows Update menu.
  • Then click the Check Update button and wait for the search to complete.
  • Now you will see windows 12 update option on your screen which you have to click on.
  • Then click on download button.
  • After that click on the Install button and plug the charger into your PC.
  • Finally, you will see your PC restart menu which you have to accept and wait for the PC to restart.
  • So in this way, you can download Windows 12 on your personal computer.

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