2024 Apple Magic Trackpad 3: Price, Release And Features!

2024 Apple Magic Trackpad 3: Price, Release Date and Full Features! Hello friends! Welcome to our web site. Today, we will know in detail about Apple Magic Trackpad 3. The release date, price, battery and all the features of this Magic Trackpad 3 are given below:

2024 Apple Magic Trackpad 3

About the Apple Magic Trackpad 3

New features include support for multi-touch gestures and Force Touch technology. Also this magic trackpad features wireless and rechargeable. Allows for a closer connection to your content Sensors built into the surface of the trackpad detect slight changes in the pressure you apply It has a large glass surface area that extends to the edges, making it easier and more comfortable to scroll and touch your favorite content.

Apple Magic Trackpad 3 Release Date

Apple’s Magic Trackpad 3 with rounded corners Released on March 10, 2024. Comparing the technical specifications, Magic Trackpad 3 and Magic Trackpad 2 are the same

Magic Trackpad 3 price

Apple Magic Trackpad 3 is priced at $129.00 in the USA.

Magic trackpad 3 colors

Magic Trackpad 3 has two colors. They are black and white.

Apple Magic Trackpad 3 Battery

Your Magic Trackpad pairs automatically so you can start working immediately. It comes with a woven USB-C to Lightning cable that connects to a USB-C port on your Mac to enable pairing and charging. The long-lasting internal battery powers it for about a month between charges. A control pad for iMacs, iPads and MacBooks is the Magic Trackpad 3. Using Bluetooth connectivity, this trackpad automatically connects to devices.

Magic Trackpad 3 Sensor

Thanks to sensors that detect minute variations in the pressure you apply to the trackpad surface, more functions are available at your fingertips, providing a closer connection to your material.

Magic Trackpad 3 2024 Features

It has a large edge-to-edge glass surface area, which enhances the efficiency of scrolling and swiping through your favorite products.

Magic Trackpad 3 System Requirements

Magic Trackpad 3 Systems Requires a Bluetooth-enabled iPad with iOS 13.4 and later or a Mac with OS X 10.11

Apple Magic Trackpad 3 Size and Weight

Apple Magic Trackpad 3 height 0.19-0.43 inches, width 6.30 inches, depth 4.52 inches. The Magic Trackpad weighs 0.51 pounds or 0.230 kg.

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