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2024 National Chocolate Day: 28 October Celebrating!

2024 National Chocolate Day, celebrated every October 28th. This Chocolate Day of Mankind is celebrate to satisfy chocolate lovers. If there are many chocolate holidays in a year! Chocolate Day is a day dedicate to all things chocolate. It is celebrate with great joy in the United States.

If you can resist even one celebration of this delicious holiday – there’s usually only one way to celebrate the day, and that’s to treat yourself to one of the many chocolate treats out there.

2024 National Chocolate Day

When is National Chocolate Day 2024?

National Chocolate Day on October 28 celebrates decadent chocolate and its many varieties.

History of Chocolate

Humans have been enjoying chocolate for thousands of years. Many believe it was trace back to the ancient Mayans. which – to the ancient Olmecs of Mexico in 1900 BC. The Olmecs made a drink from chocolate.

This preparation of chocolate passed down to the Mayans who drank chocolate drinks from tall cylindrical beakers. The Aztecs also had special cups just for drinking chocolate drinks. Historians believe this was because drinking chocolate was a status symbol.

History of National Chocolate Day, we are not sure who start it or when it started But many think it was start by the Chocolate Confectioners Association.

Amazing Facts About Chocolate

  1. To make just one pound of delicious chocolate, it takes over 400 cocoa beans.
  2. A cacao tree can produce about 2,5000 cacao beans.
  3. It takes up to five years before a cacao tree begins producing its first cacao beans.
  4. Approximately 70% of all cocoa comes from West Africa and is raised on small family farms.
  5. The average size of a cacao farm in West Africa is anywhere from 6 to 10 acres.
  6. Some cacao farms not only grow cocoa beans but also grow bananas or other crops.
  7. The leaves of the cacao tree can move up to 90-degrees to allow some leaves to get sunlight and to protect younger leaves from being burn up.
  8. In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate from his print shop.
  9. To early Mesoamericans, cacao beans were used as an early form of currency.
  10. Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor, reportedly drank up to 50-cups of cacao a day from a chalice made out of gold.
  11. Approximately 50-million people worldwide depend on chocolate for their livelihood.
  12. It can take up to four days to make just one chocolate bar.
  13. Champagne and sparkling wines should be paire with white chocolate.
  14. Red wine should be paire with dark chocolate.
  15. Chocolate can make dogs and cats seriously ill and may even kill them.

How do you make chocolate, you ask?

Chocolate is made from the seeds of the Theobroma cacao plant. This plant, which has been cultivate by mankind for more than three thousand years, grows in parts of Mexico, Central America and South America. After harvesting the seeds, they are ferment, dried, roasted and shelled.

After doing this, chocolate liqueur is made by grinding and then liquefying the flesh inside the cocoa nut. The final step is to separate the chocolate liquor into two parts: the dark chocolate solids and the light cocoa butter.

Celebrating National Chocolate Day

As we’ve said repeatedly throughout this holiday article, National Chocolate Day is best celebrate by eating chocolate in any of its forms. It can be a chocolate cake, a chocolate pie or a chocolate drink. It can be milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Be sure to use the hashtag #NationalChocolateDay on your social media accounts on this day to let the world know how you’re celebrating this holiday.

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